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MAN debunks reports on businesses relocating to neighbouring countries

Following the widespread insinuations that many businesses are leaving Nigeria for other neighbouring countries, the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has debunked it. Particularly, MAN claimed that it was the only association, being the regulatory body of Nigerian manufacturing firms, that can in the best position report on the state of Nigerian manufacturing sector.

To put the story of relocation out of Nigeria in the right perspective for the generality of Nigerians, the hierarchy of MAN emphatically stated that Nigerian business environment was even attracting more business inflows into the economy despite of the macroeconomic challenges in the country. A former President, MAN, Engr. Mansur Ahmed, made this known in an interview with New Telegraph in Lagos.

He said there was no iota of truth in the alleged story that local firms were shutting down operations and relocating offshore amid profound challenges in the country’s economy. The former MAN president stressed that MAN’s core responsibility was to ensure that those, who are already producing in Nigeria, were helped as much as possible to remain in Nigeria and compete and then attract more businesses into the country. ed stated: “What people are saying that Nigerian businesses are shutting down and relocating out of the country en-masse is not true and there is no evidence to support it. “There are more companies coming into Nigeria, according to our records in the secretariat, in spite of the challenges we are facing. There are more companies coming into Nigeria, there are more Nigerian companies in start up and being expanded rather than the once that shutdown.

“What we believe is that those that shutdown are finding it very difficult to be competitive in spite of whatever support they are getting, while we can expect that those that can be helped to remain competitive through consistent policies should be helped, we cannot expect that everybody must be competitive. “However, our programme in the manufacturing sector is to first of all ensure that those who are already producing in Nigeria are helped as much as possible to remain in Nigeria and compete and then we can now attract more businesses into the country.” He assured Nigerian manufacturers that their resilience has again proven that there was hope for manufacturing, as they are collectively contributing their quotas to achieving the industrialisation goals of Nigeria.

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