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Makinde Sends Strong Message To Ex-Oyo LG Chairmen

The Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde has claimed that the former Local Government Chairmen who were fired in 2019 are interfering with his administration.

The dismissed Chairmen, according to the Governor, has been diverting attention away from his administration by all means possible.

The former council leaders were chosen in 2018 during Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s government But Governor Makinde fired the previous council bosses in 2019 after they were chosen for three years in office.


The former council chiefs were able to obtain a court ruling directing the freezing of state accounts at ten commercial banks when Makinde failed to pay the council chairmen their entitlements.

In response, Makinde said his administration would not give in to pressure to transfer public funds until all available legal avenues had been taken.

He went on to say that unless the Supreme Court requests it, he will not pay the council bosses.

But Speaking on Saturday, the Governor said, “I could have worked with anybody but because they did something that was not in line with the Constitution, we decided that they had to go.

“That was not the first time. It may look like I took that decision in line with things that happened in the past. No, I took the decision solely because I felt we could not build a foundation on unconstitutionality.

“In 2007, Governors Alao-Akala and Ladoja were in the same party and were fighting within the party. As soon as the late Alao-Akala got in there, he dissolved the LG chairmen and put his people in charge. In 2011, the same thing happened when Governor Abiola Ajimobi got there. He dissolved them.

“Those people that were dissolved in 2007 and 2011, this administration is still paying their entitlements. When it got to 2019, they went to court, the case was dismissed and they were forum-shopping, going to different courts until they got to the FCT High Court.

“I was going to go after them and somebody in my legal team came and said it was an abuse of court process. The FCT High Court is in its own jurisdiction as the Oyo State High Court dismissed this case in the first instance. On that singular act, I was distracted, and I don’t easily get distracted.

“But I have news for them; they will not get a dime till the Supreme Court asks us to pay. I will not pay the wrong people. I still held a meeting yesterday with the team. It is nothing to worry about. This is a government that is based on the Constitution.”

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