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Make Persistence Your Biggest Ally, Advises Katie LaFrance

In a world full of unfounded judgments, distrust, and obstacles, it’s essential to rise as a persistent person with a winning mindset. Katie LaFrance is a perfect example of this, starting at a young age with all the challenges life can provide.

She is a beauty influencer and fashion representative showing off her Los Angeles lifestyle on Instagram and sharing positivity. She was born in Arkansas but moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, one of her biggest honors in life.
During that period, Katie LaFrance started her fashion and beauty adventure, growing her Instagram account, networking with many people, and traveling the world. She is a unique young woman. She signed with LikeToKnowIt and RewardStyle at the age of 16, making her the youngest influencer accepted from these platforms.

“When you’re successful in your field and tend to achieve your goals, there are always situations where you will feel anxiety, pressure from others, and distrust—people will always put you down—but the key solution is to do your best to achieve everything you want and keep growing mentally as a person,” she points out wisely.

It’s worth mentioning that Katie LaFrance collaborates with her dream brands, meeting new influencers and networking with people while attending different fashion and beauty events like NYFW, LFW, and Miami Swim Week. Now, she is mainly focused on her fashion career, not just on Instagram, but also as an entrepreneur and owner one day.
Her message to everyone is to live your life your way!

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