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Liberia: Tinubu Commends Weah For Conceeding Defeat To Boakai

President Bola Tinubu has commended the Liberian President, George Weah, for conceding defeat to the President- elect, Joseph Boakai. In a release by his spokesman, Ajuri Ngrlale, the President congratulated the government and people of Liberia on the successful conduct of the Presidential Election in that country.

The President also urged the President-elect to unite the country and build on the popular support expressed through the ballot box to deliver good governance to the people of Liberia. He commended Weah for demonstrating uncommon leadership by conceding the election and averting any form of socio-political crisis.

Tinubu said Weah’s great act of democratic sportsman- ship was exemplary, particularly at a time in West Africa, when democracy was under attack by malign actors who were bent on subverting the will of the people. “I commend President George Weah for his sterling example, undiluted patriotism, and statesmanship.

He has defied the stereotype that peaceful transitions of power are untenable in West Africa. He has demonstrated that the outcome of elections in the sub-region need not become the propellant of violence and unrest and that the will of the people must always be respected,” the President stated.

He thanked the people of Liberia for peacefully exercising their rights and implored them to remain steadfast in the furtherance of peace and democracy. Weah had on Friday called and congratulated Bokai, who had the majority lead in the run-off election. Weah told Liberians that the lead of his opponent was unassailable.

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