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February 29, 2024

Lady breaks up with boyfriend PHOTO OF THE WEEK over refusal to do ‘yahoo yahoo’

A young man has taken to Twitter, Thursday, to recount how he lost his relationship over refusal to do internet fraud, aka yahoo yahoo, as reportedly advised by his girlfriend. According to the Twitter user @ikhuoria__, on his birthday, his girlfriend offered him a gift box containing a laptop with special instructions to quit his job as a sales attendant for internet fraud.

The birthday boy, however, turned down the offer which led to the girlfriend’s decision to break up with him and also take back the said birthday gift. “I remembered when I was dating this girl she bought me a gift on my birthday, when I opened it I saw a laptop and a modem.

I was surprised when I saw them. I had to ask her who are they for? She told me the reasons she bought them for me is becos she’s not happy with my salary and also I should start doing Yahoo (scam). I told her I can’t do it she said if I didn’t do it she will end the relationship. To my surprise, she packed all her things out of my house including the birthday present she bought for me,” he wrote. His account of the experience which has since gone viral has led many social media users to condemn internet fraud and the instant riches it offers.

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