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Ladies And The Bold Wristwatches

There was a time one could easily tell a woman’s wristwatch from that of a man, just by looking at the size. Ladies wear the smallest and sleek size but in recent times, more women are going for the big bold wrist- watches meant for men. Not that the sleek feminine wristwatches are no longer available but fashion keeps evolving and ladies want the jewellery on their wrists to grab the attention.

Bold wristwatches are the rave for ladies. Walking into any party or event, you can easily spot one or two ladies following this trend. Many believe that the sleek wrist watches are almost invisible on the wrist and can pass as bracelets than wristwatch and this is why they prefer bold wrist- watches.

How do you like your wristwatches? Sleek or bold? Whichever, they are both stylish and represents your personal style or the mood you are in at that moment.

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