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Koolboks unveils innovative energy saving refrigerators, cooling systems

With the epileptic power supply threatening businesses, particularly those in the frozen food business in Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan Africa, Koolboks, a four-eco-entrepreneurs in Paris, who aim to recreate the way the new world interact with outdoors and other events requiring long hours cooling system, has introduced innovative refrigerators and cooling systems into the Nigerian market.

During a recent press conference in Lagos to showcase the unique products, products, the company reeled out a range of cooling and freezing products that will bring succor to businesses and homes desiring lengthy hours of energy, light and refrigeration.

Speaking, President, Co-Founder of Koolboks, Ayoola Dominic, disclosed that Koolboks products aim to bridge the gap in the three basic needs of Nigerians, which are light, energy and refrigeration, saying the Koolboks vaccine fridges, also come equipped with external LED bulbs to aid sight at night and other emergencies and also two USB ports to charge mobile phones.

“It is designed with an advanced temperature monitoring system that enables the user to remotely access, monitor and control the vaccine fridge from anywhere in the world, even in rural areas with no GSM network coverage.”

Dominic also said that with a range of products that will bridge the gap in the cooling system in the country, Koolboks has come with innovations that would give hope to those in the cooling value chain.

He explained that with a KoolHome Freezer, those in the business of needing a quality cooling system can go and sleep.

“KoolHome Solar Freezer is equipped with an ice battery that can power the freezer for up to four days without power supply or sunlight. It is inbuilt with a lithium battery.

“The freezer is unique in the sense that it has two USB ports for charging of phones and also has automatic switch between AC and DC, with a two 150W solar panel and it comes with as low as N14,179 installment payment.

“With two external LED bulbs, you are sure that even without power in the house, you can light up your apartment and it comes with installment payment and with three years warranty,” the President said.

“This is a product that without power can refrigerate your food, drinks and medications for up to four days even in the absence of sunlight. Our mission is to make cooling affordable and accessible to everyone that needs it,” he said.

He also noted that with a KoolHome Power and unique payment plan, the issue of light would be a thing of the past in the homes, explaining further that KoolHome Power comes with a 158L and 210L capacities and are meant to run for 12 hours at maximum capacity and with a payment plan that is pocket friendly.

Meanwhile, Lynda Chukwu, the Trade and Market Activation Manager of Koolboks, said that a recent survey revealed that market women in Nigeria, particularly those in the business of cold-room, spend a minimum of N1, 500 daily to power their generating sets and even at that, they in most cases run at loses due damaged goods as a result of epileptic power.

According to her, with Koolboks freezers, such would be a thing of the past, as the freezers do not require only public electricity to function

A frozen food dealer at Ijora Olopa Market, Mr. Abdul Ganiu Ibrahim, who has the freezer, testified to the uniqueness of the Koolboks product, saying, “The freezer is really working well. The facilities of the freezer are very ok.

“It works for 24 hours and I can assure you. You can also use it with electricity; there is nothing like there is no power.

“In the freezer, once electricity is interrupted, the battery in the freezer will start working immediately and last for several hours. The work is really good and all the markets (fish) in it are well frozen,” Ganiu said.

Another trader at the market, Maria, who like Ganiu, has been using the product, while speaking to journalists, attested to the goodness of the product. The trader who deals on prawns, said: “I sell prawn. Since they brought the solar freezer to my shop, I use it to freeze my prawns. So with or without light (electricity), my market (the prawns) is very safe.”

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