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September 30, 2023

King of Boys 2 will be my breakthrough film –Doctor turned actor, Jide Oyegbile

Fast-rising actor, Jide Oyegbile, emerged as the second winner of the King of Boys Stay Home Challenge, an initiative of ace Director, Kemi

Adetiba, to scout talents that will be given actual screen time in the sequel to the 2018 blockbuster, King of Boys. In this interview with

ROSEMARY NWOSU, he discusses the trajectory of his journey as an actor, joy of winning the challenge and more. Excerpts…




What motivated you to become an actor?


I have always been intrigued by seeing people play different characters. And I started acting since I was seven years old. Since then, it has been a way of life for me, helped widen the scope of my understanding from a very early age. I love acting and everything around film.


I watched a lot of Mount Zion films and in particular noticed how Daddy Mike Bamiloye could be a lead actor, director and producer and I agreed it is possible.


Watching other films and seeing how one person can go through different moods, connecting with different emotions in delivering a character has always been interesting to me.


So, I picked up acting and my first film experience, not stage, was something in 2010 if I remember correctly, playing a role in “Abobaku” a film produced by Mount Zion Faith Ministries at Bowen University which I attended.

What’s your reason for not being a full time doctor but a full time filmmaker and actor?


This is quite hilarious to be honest. So, here is the thing, I knew I always wanted to leave a mark, and being a doctor, the thrill of saving people’s life, has been exciting to me but I also wanted to act.


So, I thought, based on the structure in place, it is quite possible to study Medicine and still act, but difficult to study Arts and practice Medicine. Plus, definitely the need for job security was key.

Meanwhile my dad is a doctor too. I have a BSc in Anatomy and then MBBS in Medicine and Surgery from Bowen University.


Well, let us say being a doctor in this country isn’t exactly my wish and I have spent quite a lot of my youth in Medicine. I would like to do same with filmmaking with emphasis on acting. I still practice on the side and I am involved in a lot medically but presently have a lot more going on film wise.


Has it always been a dream to study Anatomy?


No! When I went in for Medicine at Bowen University, we had a little delay as I was part of the first set of medical students then. While waiting for full accreditation, we decided to do a BSc and by the time we were done, we had the full accreditation to continue with Medicine and Surgery which I did.


And considering that Anatomy is a branch of the syllabus of Medicine and Surgery, it wasn’t too much of a problem.


What movie was your breakthrough film in the industry?


Breakthrough movie! I can’t really say, because I still think I haven’t exactly had a breakthrough yet. But I may say ‘Househelps’, a Scene One TV series that I played lead in; I played the role of James, has over 500k views in a couple of episodes.


And yes, a number of people recognise me from that particular series and quite a lot of other films I have been involved in.


But then KOB2 the sequel is coming. That definitely would be my breakthrough movie.


You participated in the King of Boys Stay Home Challenge and emerged the second winner for the challenge. How does that make you feel?


I won King of Boys Stay Home Challenge.



How I feel about winning? I most sincerely thank Kemi Adetiba and Malta Guinness for the opportunity but I pretty much felt it was preparation meeting opportunity. I put in a lot of work, a lot of consistency and when the challenge came, I initially expected a round, and submitted two videos.


One of the videos went viral and I was excited, and then a second round! I felt let’s dish out more, so it won’t feel like a fluke.


And I gave that beautiful piece. I honestly feel good and happy that the competition was thoroughly looked at and judged. I feel really happy that from over 2000+ entries I won. It is a great feeling.


You put in so much energy and creativity into your monologue, however did you have any doubt about winning?


Oh well, if it ended in the first round, I pretty much didn’t doubt myself. I mean, I dragged my guys and broke down how I want it shot.


And we delivered. It came out better than I expected. A number of big directors watched and gave great comments which assured me, this was really good.

As usual, I got worried but not so much of a doubt. And the second entry, people may need to watch with an earpiece to know the amount of spice in that piece. I was calm to be honest because I saw winning from another angle, which was the due recognition that this guy knows what he is doing and is good.


What role would you love to play in King of Boys II and why?


We need to know that there is KOB1 already which is the bomb and there are already characters there, one can’t simply replace a character.


But having spoken to my personal favorite director at this very moment, Kemi Adetiba, I just want a memorable role, one that the viewers would easily remember and I just want to kill it.


This is KOB2, it is fire. But then I still want to work with Adetiba after this and pray this also opens up doors to other roles. I am highly grateful to Adetiba and Malta Guinness for this w o n – derful o p – p o rt u – nity.



Do you target winning with your acting in King of Boys II when it’s finally released?


I haven’t won any awards outside school but I honestly would be excited to win or be nominated. But I won’t be disappointed. I would love for it to come. I pray it does but most importantly we move and we keep putting in the work. All I want to do is kill my roles, become the character and hopefully the awards will roll in.





Which actor and filmmaker is your source of motivation?




John Boyega! I love his drive. I love how he has broken boundaries and I can’t wait to work with him someday soon. Other actors include RMD, Femi Jacobs, my G Timini. I absolutely love his drive but then I also do think my biggest motivation is the image I have of myself in the future. I am hugely motivated by The Accelerate Filmmaker Project which is housed by Accelerate TV, with Colette Otusheso.


Being a part of the Top 20 class of 2018 and the amount of knowledge they are putting in filmmakers is crazy and would shape Nollywood with teachers like Lala Akindoju and Bolanle Olosunde. My other sources of motivation are filmmakers who I would equally like to work with apart from watching what they create and how good they are.


They are Zin Hillary Gabriel, Amapsalmist, Barnyee, Charles Obi Emere, Chidinma Igbokweuche, Kreglex, Kayode Kasum, Jade Osiberu, Bunmi Ajakaiye. The list is endless please.


Being trained yourself; do you train other young filmmakers?


I try my best to train the few I can but nothing structured yet. I also give advice and guidance, especially tips that have worked for me over the years but soon I would. I’m still learning.


What plan do you have in your career in the next 4 years?


Next four years! I just want to be bankable; be a household name, become great at my craft and help others become great too. I want to win those awards and make those films that would be remembered for decades to come and put smiles on the faces of people especially my parents and immediate family who are watching my story like a TV show.


And is the current situation of the protest likely to affect any of your plans?

Not exactly! I mean these times are fragile but we hope that we come out of the situation soon so that life as we know it can go on.

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