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February 25, 2024

Kashmir Crisis: A debate with leaders




A discussion on Kashmir issue and

Human Rights crisis in Kashmir

arranged by Rao Jawwad Khalil.

Participants in this discussion were politicians, activists and social workers from the United States, United Kingdom and Pakistan.

They droped their wise opinions for

the possible peaceful solution of the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, and discussed how to stop Human Rights violation in Kashmir.

Participants: Sajid Tarar (advisor to Trump for election campaign 2020, US); Mr Mushtaq Minhas (Minister for Information and tourism of Kashmir); Javed Rathor (Kashmiri activist in the United States) and Shafqat Nazir (journalist from United Kingdom).

Opinion of experts:

Mr Mushtaq Minhas and Shafqat nazir while discussing on the peaceful solution of Kashmir said: “The peaceful solution of Kashmir is possible only according to United Nations Security Council resolution 47 and by giving right of self determination to the Kashmiri people.”

Further more Mr. Mushtaq spoke on question about the lockdown and blackout of communication since almost one and a half months, he said: “More than half a million military personnel are deployed there. Human rights violation is on a large scale. All big organisations working for human rights have raised and continuously raising their voice against the violations.”

He added that almost one month ago, the United Nation accused India over human rights violations in Kashmir mentioned in his recent report released by OHCHR.

He also endorsed/supported the recommendation by the OHCHR report which was for the formation of a commission of inquiry to conduct a “comprehensive independent international investigation into allegations of human rights violations in Kashmir. Speaking further he said that India should allow all human rights organisations to visit Indian occupied Kashmir.

Mr. Sajid Tarar and Mr. Javed Rathore from United States said in answer to a question: “Pakistani community is very much active for the solution of Kashmir conflict and other communities in the United States have also very clear stance in favour of rights for Kashmiri people.”

Mr. Javed said that world should be involved in this matter to make South Asia a peaceful region.

“It is no more bilateral issue, the involvement of third party is necessary to solve this conflict.”

Further more Mr. Sajid said that he discussed Kashmir crisis with international lawmakers in the United States, the White House Public Relations Office and the US State Department for the Peaceful Solution of Kashmir.

Khalil writes from Pakistan

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