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Kaduna Sets For New Infrastructure Levels 

The Governor of Kaduna State, Sani Uba has revealed its administration plan to ramp up the provision of infrastructure to new levels.

Gov Uba who said he believes in good and quality infrastructure will help his government realize the dream of making Kaduna the preferred destination for investors, said building excellent and sustainable infrastructure requires skilled project managers

Uba, however, said he decided to equip top government project managers with the latest knowledge and skills in project control and construction quality management.

The Governor identifies the best training and consulting firms in Nigeria and abroad that will help provide the highest quality resource persons with the knowledge and skills on the global best practices in this area.

He picked world-class trainers, Penhall Consulting and Zoe Talent Solution of UAE, to provide these essential capabilities enhancing training for top project managers in Kaduna State government.

The participants were taken to Kigali for one week of intensive training on project management, project control, and construction quality management.

The aim was fourfold: build the capabilities of public service project managers and bring them up to date with global best practices; empower them with skills and knowledge that guarantee top quality for all state government projects; retool them for optimal efficiency in project management and control and impart in their cost-efficiency skills so the government gets value for money.

Kaduna state is the first state government to expose its crucial project managers to this level of global best practices. Other state governments are encouraged to follow suit because of the enormous benefits this brings to the quality of projects they deliver.

“Participants include high government officials, policymakers, and civil servants – a Permanent Secretary, a Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on projects, and directors from the Ministry of Works.

The resource persons and facilitators were top, hands-on project managers and former government officials with knowledge and experience of project control and quality management in a dynamic, volatile, and unstable environment like Nigeria.

They understand the peculiarities and nuances of managing projects in Nigeria and underpin local best practices with global, cutting-edge, and innovative solutions in project control and quality control.

Commenting on the training, which took place from the 29th of January to the 4th of February 2024, the Special Adviser to the Governor on projects, Dr Baba Musa, stated, “I feel delighted with the training on Project Control and Construction Quality Control that I attended. The course provided comprehensive and practical knowledge, equipping me with the necessary skills to ensure high-quality standards in construction projects. The trainers were highly knowledgeable and engaging, making the learning experience enjoyable and insightful.

I am confident that the training has significantly enhanced my abilities in overseeing and maintaining top-notch construction quality”.

Permanent Secretary Mr Habib Lawal commented, “Kudos to the training organization for delivering an engaging project control training in such a conducive atmosphere!

The diverse topics discussed were enriching and highly relevant to our professions. The training has undoubtedly empowered us with the knowledge and tools to excel in our respective roles in the office. Thank you for a truly impactful learning experience!”

Delivering high-quality projects starts with the quality of the project executors and monitors. Kaduna State is on the right track to maximizing value in all the projects through practical projects and quality control. Other states must emulate this bold step to empower their staff for high-quality project impact.

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