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Kaduna Bombing: Arewa Youths Call For Sack Of Chief Of Defence Staff, COAS

The Arewa Action Group for Good Governance has condemned the bombing of unarmed civilians in Tudun Biri, a community within the Igabi local government area of Kaduna State.

The group, in a statement signed by Moses Saleh and made available to the press, accused the Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, of conniving with the Nigerian Army to cause havoc in communities he perceived as against his ethnicity in Kaduna state.

” There are questions surrounding the attack by the Nigerian Army. It is inexcusable that such a blunder could be done. The Nigerian Army is an infantry regiment, and even with some air components and capabilities, it is still suspected that they could mistake a group of worshipers for terrorists. Where is the place of intelligence gathering?”

The group alleged that the Chief of Defence Staff sanctioned the action of the Nigerian Army without the involvement of the Nigerian Airforce, the service responsible for air operations.

“If this wasn’t intentional, we wonder what else because a situation where the Nigerian Army would undertake air operations without the involvement of the Nigerian Airforce is suspect, and the result is what is before us. Hundreds of innocent lives have been lost and hundreds of others with varying degrees of injuries.”

” We have every doubt that the action of the Nigerian Army is a vendetta mission. There are no two ways about it. On the strength, it happened in a community in Kaduna State, where the Chief of Defence Staff hails from. We understand that some intrigues played out regarding his appointment as Chief of Defence Staff.”

“Unfortunately, the Chief of Army Staff allowed himself to be involved in such illegality. If indeed the intent was aimed at terrorists, why was the Nigerian Air Force not involved?

“These are questions that must have answers. The number of lives wasted because an individual feels entitled to use state power as he deemed necessary is a sad commentary.”

The group asked the Chief of Defence Staff to come out clean and explain the circumstances that led to the unfortunate incident.

” Nigerians must be told what happened. Who sanctioned the operation, and who were those who gave the intelligence report that terrorists were gathered in that location?

“At this point, a professional force like the Nigerian Army can’t afford to make such a costly mistake because we are discussing the security of lives and properties.

” If such an action can occur, it means that Nigerians are facing a double-edged sword from terrorists and the security agencies. Some questions must be answered by the Chief of Defence Staff and the Chief of Army Staff. Nigerians must know the truth with regards to what happened in the Tundun Biri community in Kaduna state.”

” There is reasonable suspicion to believe that something went wrong. What happened was not an accident, but a well-conceived and executed line of action that achieved its objective.”

The group called for the sack of the Chief of Defence and the Chief of Army Staff. It alleged that the action of the Nigerian Army has cast a shadow on the human rights rating of the Nigerian Army.

“We call for the sack of the Chief of Defence and Army Staff. This is unacceptable. Nigerians must not be at the mercy of the security agencies who are constitutionally mandated to protect lives and properties and preserve the country’s territorial integrity.”

“We are calling on the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to take decisive action in the overall interest of Nigerians. We are tempted to believe that scores of such incidences might have occurred in other parts of the country and gone unnoticed.”

“Those responsible for command and operations must be called to account for their actions. The Nigerian Army is not an air force.

“It is a land force enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our suspicion of foul play in the bombing of Tundun Biri in Igabi local government area of Kaduna state is reasonable.”

“The explanation advanced by the General Officer Commanding One Division smacks of a mockery and an insult to our collective intelligence.”

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