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Junior doctors burn-out worries WMA boss, Dr Enabulele

President of the World Medical Association (WMA), Dr. Osahon Enabulele has warned about the increasing cases of bullying, harassment and the overwork junior doctors has been given to execute. This scenario is very common in low-income and least developed countries especially in Africa and in some parts of Asia. However, the impact of overwork of junior doctors has become a huge burden on the junior medical professionals and consequently negatively impacting their health, the quality of their service delivery and prompting the concern of the WMA.

In a speech this weekend at the first International Junior Doctors Network Conference which held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the new President of the WMA, Dr. Osahon Enabulele said the consequence of this was increasing physical and mental burn out among the junior doctors. According to him, the declining level of mentorship in the medical profession has left most of junior doctors disillusioned, with some exiting the medical profession or seeking alternative career pathways; a situation that has impacted negatively on healthcare delivery and health outcomes.’ Consequently, Dr. Enabulele called for greater support and the empowerment of junior doctors in the medical profession.

He assured them of the WMA’s commitment to their well-being and career development. Similarly, he called for the revitalisation and strengthening of mentorship platforms in the medical profession, as well as improved working conditions, career development, continuous professional development and effective communication.

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