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Jonathan Daniel Ross Embarks On A Charity Drive To Feed The Homeless

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Jonathan Daniel Ross popularly known as “JDR” will embark on a food and grocery drive aimed at supporting the needy and feeding the homeless around Houston, Texas. The food, grocery, and clothing distribution drive will commence from the 10th of April through the 16th of April 2022.

According to Ross, the drive aims to raise enough materials and supplies to assist and also feed at least 100 needy and/or homeless people around Houston, Texas. He said at that the coronavirus pandemic infections and subsequent lockdown has affected a lot of jobs and families till date. Since the pandemic lots of people have lost their jobs and it has affected many families and homes and it hasn’t been easy. I realized one person can’t do it alone so I solicited the support of my friends Houston Kappa League.

“Growing up it was tough for my family to get by and I know the sacrifices my parents had to make to us through school as well as put food on the table”.

Ross told our correspondent that the objective of this initiative to provide not just mental and physical nourishment but also the hope is that it will help the community as whole. “The outpouring of support has been overwhelming so far and even though the main aim was to raise groceries and food supplies people have responded by giving money and articles of clothing too” he said.

Jonathan plans to donate the food and groceries raised from the initiative through Houston Kappa League for distribution to needy families.

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