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December 6, 2023

Jonathan, Atiku task Nigerians on just, peaceful society

As the world prepares to usher in the New Year, former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has charged Nigerians and other Africans to continue to work towards building inclusive, just and peaceful societies.


Similarly, a former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, said Nigerians should eschew hatred and strife in the New Year and make themselves peace ambassadors of God. Dr. Jonathan stated this in his New Year message in which he noted that 2022 presents new opportunities to “build our nation for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.”


The message read: “I congratulate fellow Nigerians, Africans and friends across the world for the opportunity of entering into the New Year, 2022.


“The past year was characterised by many global challenges amid the ravaging effect of COVID -19 and its variants. “We have continued to live with the new realities imposed by the pandemic and consequences resulting from existing problems such as insecurity, poverty and climate change.


“Across the world, there is a global demand for justice, peace, hope, security and sustainable development. “The attainment of these global and national aspirations should occupy the hearts and minds of citizens and leaders in our nations in 2022, if we are to rebuild a better world for the upcoming generations.


“Building an inclusive, just and peaceful society is a task that we must prioritize in 2022, as we cannot afford the luxury of a nation with endless agitations. “2022 presents to us new opportunities to build our nation for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.


“Let us therefore live in love and unity, pursue peace and justice in all spheres and in all our engagements.


“God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa and the rest of the world. Happy New Year!” Atiku in his New Year message to Nigerians also said that 2022 promises to be a remarkable one.


“It is one year that is filled with hope and optimism. It is one year that comes with a unique opportunity for us to redefine the remainder of this decade,” he said. The former vice president advised Nigerians to resolve, in the New Year, to eschew divisive and parochial tendencies and embrace inclusion and general good.


He added: “We cannot continue to kick the same can down the road, yet again. We need a reawakening. And it is a reawakening that must invigorate our unity as one people of one good country. That is the commitment that we must pursue in this New Year.”

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