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Jeva Store Nigeria assures of new experience in e-commerce

Advancements in technology have changed the way people relate and information is now accessible virtually anywhere and the internet has continued to aid globalisation.


These advancements have huge potential for developing countries like Nigeria and have greatly impacted trade in terms of e-commerce. The level of e-commerce transactions conducted in Nigeria have increased exponentially over the years, but this has not been without challenges.


These challenges majorly border on unreliable delivery processes, online payment transaction trust issues, high commission rates for retailers and wholesalers and poor customer service. E-commerce is not just about selling online but encompasses much more like building a platform that challenges the status quo.


To ensure that both sellers and buyers are satisfied, there has to be a blend of effective business, technology and communication strategies. Jeva Store has effectively combined these strategies to ensure customer satisfaction.


A statement by the company disclosed that Store was created to aid the economic development of the country, as the e-commerce industry is a major catalyst for the economic development of Nigeria, while also providing solutions to consumer needs in the industry.


It disclosed that Jeva Store is a platform where retailers advertise their goods for sale at the lowest commission rates possible and buyers come to shop at the lowest prices possible.


It noted that shopping online has different stages from the customer product search, to ordering, to online payment and delivery, saying Jeva Store ensures that at every step of the way, customers are satisfied with 24/hours customer support, to address inquiries, complaints and return of goods with the best return policy.


Jeva Store partnered with Pay Stack to ensure a safe and seamless payment procedure with the fasted delivery service.

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