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I’ve always seen winning, success as challenge to do more – Adeleke

Olamide Adeleke is an art and culture promoter, a former beauty queen, and the CEO of the Most Beautiful Yoruba Girl Pageant (MBYGP). In this interview with TONY OKUYEME, the Oyo State-born model and student of Forestry, University of Ilorin, talks about her experience as a model, why she initiated the ‘Most Beautiful Yoruba Girl Pageant’, her expectations, why she prefers Afrobeat to other genres of music and why she is studying Forestry. She also shares her thoughts about fake lifestyle. Excerpt

Tell us, behind the face we see on stage screen as a model, who really is Olamide Adeleke?

There is really no difference between the Olamide Adeleke everyone knows outside and the Olamide Adeleke few people know inside inside. The two Olamide share so many features – both of them are kind, consistent, persistent and very optimistic.

Apart from being a model, you are also an artiste and culture promoter. Which of this came first and how?

Modeling came first, I started my modeling career in late 2017 but my interest got deeper after I contested for my school pageant in 2018. Since then, I have always looked for ways to grow and become better.

In 2018, you won the Most Beautiful Lady in Nigeria East. Tell us your experience…

My experience winning the “Most Beautiful Lady in Nigeria East 2018” was a combination of both good and bad, it was good because the title helped me get a lot of opportunities in the industry and it was bad because I was naive, I didn’t know how to utilize the title to its full extent and there was no much support/guide from the organisation because I wasn’t the overall Queen. But I really did my best with the title and I am glad I did.

How were you able to enter for the pageant?

I saw the Pageant registration flyer on Instagram, I contacted the number on it then I was sent necessary registration details.

How did you feel when you were announced as the winner?

I was very happy when they announced me as the regional winner of the Pageant. I felt accomplished; like yes, I have gotten the thing I needed to start my career with.

How has it impacted your career as a model?

Winning the Most Beautiful Lady in Nigeria East is the beginning of my career, officially. The title shaped my career and made things easy to an extent.

You also won the Elite Vibez Award Model of the Year 2021. Tell us your experience…

I have always seen “winning and success” as a challenge to do more, to do better, I didn’t feel less when I won the EVAward, I was excited as expected and I felt this huge sense of responsibility to do more and become a better Role Model.

Were you in any way anxious?

Yes, I was anxious because it was my first Award.

You’re the Founder of the Most Beautiful Yoruba Girl Pageant (MBYGP). What is the idea behind it and what do you hope to achieve with it?

Yes I am the creative founder of the Most Beautiful Yoruba Girl Pageant. The idea behind it is to create an impact that will promote the Yoruba cultural heritage and at the same time, serve as a platform to empower women and people in rural areas. I hope to use the platform to showcase, promote, preserve and represent “Culture”. I also hope to give scholarships to Young Women through the platform and to also, provide access to potable water for rural dwellers.

What should people expect in the second edition this year?

Another greatness of a ‘Culturetainment’ show with glamour, class and creativity! We have gathered all experiences from the last edition with new ideas which we are ready to showcase on 13th November, 2022.

How will the winners emerge?

The winners will be selected based on their performances in tasks given to them.

The Contestants have gone through different stages of the contest, and now, we have our Finalists who are currently preparing for the Camp/Grandfinale.

Why have you not gone into acting in Nollywood?

I have so much interest in the movie industry and I have great acting skills but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. I’m taking a step at a time, focusing on Pageantry for now but will definitely go into acting.

Who is your favourite model and why?

It’s very hard to choose a favourite among all these beautifully intelligent ladies. I admire everyone and their uniqueness.

Have you been embarrassed?

Yes I have been embarrassed.

What happened?

The venue for my event changed and I felt so embarrassed because we had announced the location as the venue for the event. Having to change the venue to a better place based on unforeseen circumstances was really difficult, I felt reluctant and embarrassed.

How do you unwind?

Food and listening to my favorite praise music.

You are a student of Forestry (I presume), why did you not study Creative Arts, for instance, given your talent and experience?

Yes, I’m a student of Forestry and I look forward to becoming a Doctorate degree holder. I discovered my modeling talent in school; if I had discovered it earlier, I would have considered another course of study related to the Arts.

Would you encourage your child to be an actor or a model?

I would definitely want my female child to be a screen goddess either by becoming a great actor or winning Miss World/Universe. I would be very pleased to see it!


If one of my kids desires it, I will support her and make her get it because I love when people chase what they really want. If she doesn’t want it, I won’t force her.

Did you experience sexual harassment?

Yes, I have experienced sexual harassment.

How did you handle it?

I confronted him about it. I was clear and specific.

What is your opinion about fake lifestyle?

People leaving fake life are putting unnecessary pressure on themselves. I understand everyone wants to create a sweet and cool image of themselves because social media has made it look like you can only showcase your finest moments, but going extra to as much as “faking” is too much.

Which of the music genres is your favourite and why?

Afrobeat is my favorite and I don’t turn away any music because of its genre. I enjoy Afrobeat the most.

Who is your favourite Nollywood actor and why?

My favorite Nollywood actor is Mrs Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi. She’s my favorite because of her versatility… WorldBest!

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