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‘It’s alarming how Nuns, Reverend sisters are getting pregnant’

All over the world, the rate at which nuns or Reverend Sisters are getting pregnant is very alarming.


Often, they are victims of some priests’ escapades. Nevertheless, at other times, they are impregnated by their secret lovers. Some of these pregnancies do result in abortion, which itself is a great sin before God and humanity.


The Roman Catholic Church frowns at abortion. They are never in support of abortion or the termination of pregnancies.


This ugly trend is not only peculiar to nuns and Reverend Sisters alone, Roman Catholic priests are said to have fathered at least 50,000 children all over the world. The Vatican itself has never denied this.


These priests, nuns, or Reverend Sisters are supposed to live a celibate life. It is the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. A reverend sister in Italy got pregnant some few years ago and gave birth to a son.


This is what she said when asked who got her pregnant, “I did not know I was pregnant. I only felt a stomach pain,” the nun was quoted as saying at the hospital, the Italian news agency ANSA reported”.


La Repubblica is the Reverend Sister’s name. She still didn’t mention or name the person who got her pregnant. All she did was name the child after Pope Francis. What an epic name.


This is just one of the numerous cases of nuns or Reverend Sisters getting pregnant. Although some bold ones do quit and get married, some who are not very bold usually hide to abort the pregnancies to avoid being noticed.

They go to places outside their domain, where they are not known, to abort the foetus. Another report that occurred a few years ago was the incident where two Reverend Sisters got pregnant while on a missionary journey to Africa.


It was reported that “Two Reverend Sisters are currently being investigated by the Roman Catholic Church after it was discovered they were pregnant. The two sisters reportedly fell pregnant while they were on a missionary trip to Africa”.


Many nuns are victims of priests’ abuse. The Catholic Church spends billions of dollars every year settling cases of harassment or abuse from priests. This is why some liberals in the Roman Catholic Church think that priests and nuns should be allowed to get married.


Apostle Paul says that it is better to get married than to burn with desires. Nevertheless, many conservatives in the church have always voted against such moves.


Hopefully, in the future, it could be possible to have priests and nuns(Reverend Sisters), who are married and are still in their vocations. #Culled from ANSA

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