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Insecurity: Gumi guilty of treasonable felony, should be prosecuted, says Rev Thompson

As Nigerians continue to reel under increasing attacks by bandits, kidnappers and insurgents, one of Nigeria’s vocal security experts, Rev. Ladi Peter Thompson, has called on the Federal Government to act quickly by arresting the situation before it engulf the entire nation and rein in all known groups and individuals suspected to be funding and supporting them.

Thompson wanted the searchlight beamed on the activities of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric, who recently stated that he would stop visiting and canvassing for the pardon and rehabilitation of the bandits as it will be dangerous for him to continue doing so since the Federal Government has declared them terrorists.

The cleric said that it was baffling how someone of Gumi’s character, who he said has over the years been frolicking with Boko Haram and bandits, was allowed to walk freely, while the country continues to bear the brunt of bandits and insurgents, saying that he is guilty of treasonable felony and should be prosecuted. According to him, the only reason Gumi still moves freely about is because of moles in the government, adding that the Federal Government would only be taken seriously if it moves fast to arrest him and stop all his charade, saying that Nigeria will prosecute Gumi when serious about war on terror. He further stated that: ‘‘Shiekh Gumi’s thinly disguised position has been the greatest asset of the enemy in this regard.

People like him have been taking advantage of the masses of northern Nigeria for too long. ‘‘When we look at Dubai of the UAE we see an attractive Islamic religion that promotes progress. Dubai has launched two satellites into space and has championed the cause of science, technology and futurism. By deliberate design, the young ones in Northern Nigeria have been used as fuel for the dominance ambitions of men like Gumi. ‘‘Men like Sheikh Gumi will be tried, when we finally get serious about winning the war against terror. The network he inherited is still influential enough to allow him the latitude to run his mouth freely while innocent blood is being shed copiously as a result.”

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