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Insecurity: Akpabio Seeks Adoption Of American Policing System

President of the Senate, Sen. Godswill Akpsbio, on Monday, proposed the adoption of the model of policing as practised in the United States of America (USA), a nation that has successfully implemented a system of state and federal policing.

Akpabio who spoke at the occasion of the National Dialogue on Security and State Police organised by the House of Representatives, said that Nigeria must not only draw inspiration from the United States but must learn from their experiences and adapt their models to suit the country’s unique socio-political context.

“Let us ensure that our state police forces work in harmony with their federal counterparts, collaborating to fight crime, preserve peace, and safeguard our democracy.

“In the USA, the FBI, the federal police body enforces federal laws and the state police departments enforce state laws. The FBI also investigates inter-state crimes. We must draw the lines because to have functional state police we must have a strong federal police.

“But let us never forget that the power of the state police should never be used as a tool of oppression or witch-hunting. Let us ensure that political powers do not manipulate the state police to silence dissent or target their enemies.

“Let us ensure that the influential do not exert undue influence over the state police and that justice is blind to wealth, power, politics, or status. Let us build a system that is fair, just, and equitable for all,” he said.

Akpabio acknowledged that the concept of state police has been a topic of debate for many years because of its numerous complex dimensions with no easy answers.

He commended the House of Representatives for providing the opportunity for stakeholders to engage in a national dialogue on the issue. According to him, the dialogue will enable the lawmakers to listen to the voices of the citizens and to forge a path towards a more secure Nigeria.

He charged the participants to look at the issue with open hearts and open minds.; listen to one another, learn from one another, and work together to find a common ground.

“In working out modalities for the state police and the security of our nation, we must not forget that security is not a privilege, but a fundamental right of every Nigerian. It is our duty to ensure that this right is upheld, that justice is served, and that the rule of law prevails. We must build a security architecture that is robust, transparent, and accountable,” he said.

Akpabio urged participants at the dialogue to see it as an opportunity for unity, understanding, and collaboration, adding that all legislators must rise above their political, religious and ethnic differences and work towards a common goal – a safer and more secure Nigeria.

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