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I’m living my biggest dreams with acting –Roxy Antak

Society needs to understand that nudity in acting isn’t real

Nollywood actor, Roxy Antak, is popularly referred to as ‘The Black King’. His good looks, great acting skills have also given him a few aliases, courtesy of his increasing fans. He was nominated as Nollywood’s New Hunk and often called ‘The Man with the sexiest masculine voice’. Not many would recall that the charming actor started entertaining Nigerian families from the legendary series ‘Tales By Moonlight’. On the part of shying away from playing certain movie roles, so as not to look bad in the face of the society, Roxy believes professional actors cannot wear a chain around the neck of growth and development, simply because some minds aren’t mature enough to comprehend certain simplicities. In this interview with IFEOMA ONONYE, Antak shares his experiences that proves sex-for-roles advances is not only peculiar to female actors alone


You are often regarded as one of the most successful fresh faces in the Nigerian movie industry. Tell us the story of how life journey led you into becoming an actor.


A lot of people may think I am new or fresh in Nollywood. Well, I won’t say that I am not. However, my first performance as a commercial Actor was in the popular series “Tales By Moonlight”.

I was a child Actor in that project and that was when I first appeared on TV. Back then, parents of the brightest students in primary schools were approached for permission to introduce their children into the life of TV. My parents had no issues with me venturing into acting at the age of 9. Growing into my teenage years, I began to crave a niche for more of entertainment lifestyle.

So, I enrolled to train as a Runway Model and at some point, was managed as a commercial Model by Exquisite Models then in Surulere, Lagos. After a lot of failures, I eventually became successful as a Model, having done several TV commercials and billboard advertisements for popular brands like; Coca-cola, Peak-milk, MTN, Airtel, Globacom and lots more.

Eventually, I participated in several auditions for acting roles for Nollywood movies. To be frank, I had my own fair share of rejections, almost too many to make one loose hope or probably give up the dream.

Alas, I started winning some roles in production houses like Mac-Nuel Productions, AM-Tinsel, AM-DoGood, AM-Hustle, AM-JEMEJI, AM-Hush etc Today, even though I still have a long walk in this journey, I believe I am a known face when it comes to Nollywood, in Nigeria and overseas, having featured in at least, over 100 movies being distributed on IROKO TV, Africa Magic, Ibaka Tv, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, etc.


I shall attend my first international Movie Premiere in Rwanda in December 2022. The movie is titled “ACCIDENTAL VACATION” and yes, I landed a major role in this one which features one of my roles models in film, Richard Mofe Damijo, well known as RMD.


While growing up, many had their dream career they thought they would achieve upon becoming adults. For you Roxy, was ot acting?

As a child, there were many things I thought I would grow up to become in life. Being an astronaut was my first career dream. I really admired their gear and their life in space. I was also keen on exploring the solar system. At some point, my late Father wanted me to become a Lawyer.

At some other point, I just wanted to be like the Late Michael Jackson and MC Hammer due to the fact that they immensely motivated me to dance and entertain my family in our small living room. I also wanted so badly to become a software guru since I had great interest in technology.

It’s quite strange that I never ever thought that one day, I’ll make a living through acting movies. This life is really not balanced. I am glad I am an Actor because I can be anything I want to be as long as there is a script to accommodate it.


What were your parent’s reaction when you eventually picked major interest in being an actor?

My late Father passed on on December 15, 2011. As at then, even though I had done Acting projects, which he was well aware of that I was still a bit unstable, unsure of what I really wanted out of life, in fact at that point, I was writing a professional certification ACCA which made my Father believe whatever I was doing in Nollywood, was temporary. I was going to end up in the Finance Industry. So, he was unbothered.

Same could be said about my Mother as well but I got

their support and encouragement all the way. My Mother in particular is very proud of me today. She is a Pastor and very content with my career path.


Back in the days, were your parents among those who believed any career that is not in the line of being a Lawyer, Doctor or Astronaut was not worth giving a thought?

At the early years of my teenage-hood, yes, my Late Father was like that. Even up till my University years as well but my Father was still one to accept success from any career path as long as it was legitimate and safe. If he did not approve of your path, you will only have to prove him wrong by being successful at whatever it is that you have chosen to become.

As long as you don’t go against the laws of the Nigerian Constitution, he will support you eventually. My mother was indifferent. All she cared about was happiness, growth, success, love of God for all her children.


What was your first movie role? How much were you paid and how nail-bitting was the nervousness you felt in front of the camera?

“Tales By Moonlight”, being my first Tv project ever wasn’t a movie but a TV series. My Mother actually spent about N250 for my welfare, transportation and other logistics just for me to get the experience of film. To the best of my knowledge, at age 9, I was not paid for participation. I did other TV gigs that paid about N2,000 to N3,000 for the entire projects.

One was titled “SCHOOL” which had John Njamah playing the Lead role. Another was titled “CIRCLE OF INTEREST” where I acted with the Nollywood Veteran, Chiwetalu Agu, for the first time, in 2009, when I scaled a Tinsel audition and was selected for a role as a Day Player my first salary was N5,000 per day.

This lasted a couple of months but as years went by, it was periodically increased. The highest I eventually earned during my Tinsel days was N15,000 per day. Note that I did not work every day but on days my character was scheduled to be on set.

You won an award recently. Tell us about it and the movie that put your career in the positive spotlight…

I have won several awards in my journey of life but nominees I got as an Actor, were the real deal. I was nominated for Revelation of the year by Best Of Nollywood (BON Awards 2019), Best New Actor by The Intellect Awards (TIA 2019), Nollywood’s New Hunk by Nigeria Achievers Award (NAA) in 2020 for the Lead role I played in the Movie “GREY AREA”, Best Actor of the Year (English Category) by Nigeria Achievers Awards (NAA 2022) for a Lead role in the movie “BROKEN ANTIDOTE” which gave me the chance to perform alongside the Veteran Clarion Chukwurah, for the very first time as she played my screen mother. I look forward to winning several awards as an Actor both in Nollywood and beyond. At the pace at which my career is running, bagging awards for myself is inevitable.

Judging from your personal images on your social media platforms, you look more like a model than an actor. Can you shed more light as to your keenness on your looks?

Like I said earlier, I have spent a great deal of years being a Model. I actually begun my Modeling career at age 18 where I learnt a lot about self-grooming, communication etiquette, colour combinations, the art of gentlemanliness, the do’s and don’ts of fashion and I have never stopped being a Model.

I probably may never stop as there’s really no age-calendar to ending a career in Modeling. Being a Model can actually give one an edge as a public figure, especially for the singular reason that you are usually well groomed, simply because you know how to.


Good looks and a sexy masculine voice is an attraction for a lot of ladies. How often do you get the winks and ladies asking you out?

Does it get embarrassing? Yes, I get a lot of attention from females. It may shock you that I also get from males too but I do not think this huge pour of attraction comes solely from me being a good looking male with a sexy baritone voice.

There are so many men like me or even better than me who don’t get a quarter of the attraction I get, even on my lowest days. I truly believe these are the perks that come with the fame of being a public figure and successful.

As a famous person, you are more noticeable to the public than infamous persons. Therefore, so many parameters become amplified in your case. I bet you if I was not famous and wretched, there won’t be any attraction at all. In a nutshell, the more successfully you are, the more attractive you are.

So, yes, again, I do get asked out on a daily basis, especially on social media. Most of them know I am married but they don’t care. It just makes me smile and serves as a measuring stick for me.

At least, I know where I stand in these scales. I am the kind of man who is in high demand from ladies across all age brackets and I see it as a compliment when females make advances at me. The only female that I chase every single moment of my life is my lovely beautiful wife and she chases only me too with all her love.

As for the males who flood my inbox, I don’t judge but it’s embarrassing to me. They know I am straight but they don’t care. I see that as being disrespectful.

Many actors have said they cannot play certain sexy roles due to what society may think of them.  What kind of movie roles would you turn down?


Acting for film as I would put it, is the adoption and interpretation of a fictional or imaginary character by means of physical movement, verbal or non verbal communication in order to portray a message for story telling. This is my definition and understanding of what it means to act.

Therefore, there is actually no role humanly doable that I cannot deliver if I set my mind to it. As long as it does not involve breaking the laws of the land or hurting the next human in real life. However, I may have preferred roles or choose one over another due to marketability, profitability, public representation and even state of mind as at the time.

The judging part of Society needs to understand that acting isn’t real. If I act as a Nigerian President, it doesn’t make me one. If I act as a 60-year-old due to make up and special effects, it doesn’t make me one. If I act as deity, it doesn’t make me one. If I act as a prostitute, it doesn’t make me one.

My point is, we can’t wear a chain around the neck of growth and development of our profession simply because some minds aren’t mature enough to comprehend certain simplicities.

By the way, movies are categorized and rated to control viewership. It’s better to watch what you are comfortable with but any action can be portrayed in film according to the allowances of the censors board or the distribution.


In the days of trying to find your feet in the movie industry, did you experience intimidation, bullying or sex-for-roles advances?

I know you are a male but it has become apparent that it isn’t only females that go through this. Several Years ago, there was this Nollywood film maker, a male (name deliberately withheld) who tried to cajole me into a sexual relationship with him. I declined very politely but that pissed him off, and then he said to me, “Let me see how you will make it in this industry”.

I said nothing back. I ignored and ended all communication with him. I am quite certain he sees my success on his screens and how blazing hot my wheels are right now.

What is your biggest dream as an actor?

To act alongside the world best Actors. To become one of the most recognized and respected Actors of all time. To be a measurement tool used to train future generations in film making, the highest awards for Actors globally.

Any project you will like your fans to know about?

Yes, there’s my first production as a film maker, under the auspices of ANTAK MEDIA LIMITED. I was able to partner with Mrs Obianuju Elizabeth Antak, who happens to be my wife and co-founder of Antak Media in financing the movie project titled “LAST RIDE HOME”.

This movie features the likes of Roxy Antak , Moyo Lawal, Uche Ogbodo, Emem Ufot, Shirley Igwe, Mc Mbakara and Brutus Richard. It will be distributed on Amazon Prime Video and Africa Magic Showcase. I urge all my amazing fans out there and lovers of good movies to stay tuned and not miss this beautiful movie. It’s a realistic story told with exceptional performances by the cast and crew.

Looking out for this first production of mine will mean the world to me. Much love to all my amazing fans, colleagues, friends and family, but most especially my beautiful wife and life partner.

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