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If we don’t transfer power to intellectually capable people, Nigeria will crash, says Prof Ekuaobase

Professor Godspower Osaretin Ekuaobase is a Professor of Services Computing, University of Benin, Edo State, and a presidential
hopeful in the 2023 general elections; he spoke with FRANCIS OGUAGU on a number of pressing national issues  including measures of resolving the persistent herders/farmers crisis, electronic voting and transmission of results


As a professor of service and computer science, what is your take on electronic transmission of results in view of the recent action of the National Assembly on it?


There is so much corruption, but Nigerians have got to a level where they will take their destiny into their hand. The physical space is safer than the virtual space, no matter how unsafe. I am a service and computer expert and I made my position clear that it was God fighting for us that the National Assembly did not pass that clause that states that election results should be transmitted electronically where and when practicable.


Elections should be free and fair, it means that the rule that applies in Ward A should apply in Ward B. Electronic transfer of election results is very good but we are not technologically and intellectually ready for it.


I have critically analysed it as a software expert. I am telling Nigerians to accept it because; sometime what you hate is what will do you good, what you like may be what will destroy you.


Let us know how to choose our leaders. Let choose people who are ready, intellectually and physically ready and that is where I come in. I am from the intellectual community.


What prompted your interest in running for the presidency and not any other position in the 2023 general elections?


I just got angry at what is going on in this country as most of those coming out do not have the interest of the nation at heart. Many think that leadership is a  throne of pleasure, no, it is not; leadership is a crown of thorn.


Which party do you plan to use as a platform?


I intend to run under the All Progressives Congress (APC).


As a new comer on the block, do you have the financial muscle to run for the office of the president given the fact that Nigerian politics is heavily monetised?

No Nigerian is richer than all Nigerians as I will mobilise the masses, the youth. That is why my mantra is; “power to the street.” I can convince them. Before now, we have giving power to those that have the money and it is like we are selling Nigeria.

That is why in my manifesto I wrote that; “we should not sell Nigeria. We need a leader who will not buy Nigeria so that he will not sell the country to make profit. I don’t have the finance, but Nigerians have it, lovers of Nigeria have enough finance to defeat any billionaire.


What is your assessment of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in the last six years?

I must be frank that Nigerians are not happy and I must not say that he has done well. No, but the problem did not start today, it is unfortunate that Buhari is an unfortunate leader, who came into the scene when the problem that has been manufactured over the years exploded in his time.


If we don’t transfer power now to those that have the intellectual capacity, those that have the youthfulness, those that have the integrity, Nigeria will crash.

That is why I said I want to contest under APC and I know that the party loves Nigeria. It is time to hand over power to the youth that are intellectually endowed. I have integrity, if I will not be corrupt, I would have been corrupt as a teacher and lecturer in the university but I stood my ground and everybody knows me with that.


I want Nigerians to know that I am Idiagbon reincarnated. I have the boldness, the knowledge in a refined form, to stand for what is right. I want to solve our security problems; guerilla warfare is not the best, we can’t be killing our people, using the military to kill our people, or the bandits killing our military. The bandits and military are all Nigerians.


How do you think the persistent problem of herders/farmers’ crisis can be resolved?

To solve the herdsmen problem, we’ll create artificial rain and dam in the North; with artificial rain and dam in the North, the herders/farmers’ clashes will be brought to the barest minimum.

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