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February 29, 2024


The music business is evolving more quickly than it ever has, and the growth of social media and new streaming technology has given independent artists more freedom to create their own standards and define their own spaces.

They are concentrating on their music, branding, and organic audience connections because they are no longer waiting for approval. Xpensive EM, born Ekene Nweke is part of this new crop that are slowly changing the status quo, offering experiential sounds to their fans while harnessing it to build an emotional connection to their audience.
Xpensive EMG, formerly called “Expensive” is out to heal the world with his music.

This talented singer-songwriter and producer from Nigeria is bringing the brilliance of African music with his exceptional soundscape. The record label owner and front line artist of EMG ENTERTAINMENT stated this at a press conference held recently in Lagos. While he doesn’t fit in the traditional Afro beats box, he’s been able to create his unique sound that is getting people’s attention.

“For years, I had been a studio rat, I mean I move from one studio to the other just to create a unique sound, I started raving when I was 18yrs of age. I needed to be making the type of music that will be accepted by the society and that would melts and mend hearts. Along with this, I realized that I was born to do this,” he stated
When he was asked how he would grade his songs and compare his old and future works, he replied saying, “the very first few songs that I released were very ‘left field’ and experimental. But the very moment I was creating and working on my first ever single titled ‘Coni Man’ I knew it was going to be accepted by all because it has a catchy Chorus and was a hook. I knew it was going to be relatable to everyone, ever since then it has been from glory to glory for me, I would never stop putting God first because he brought me this victory”.
Xpensive EMG’s next motive and agenda musically are looking forward to the video shoot of a new track titled “IFUNANYA,” which released in the year 2018, where he teamed up with Olamide and Zoro. He used an amazing blend of Afro-Beats, Afro-fusion, and Afro-Pop in the song giving the audience a tantalizing sonic experience. The sublime and witty storytelling crafted with so much dedication has taken the track to another level. The song is groovy enough to bring the audience to the dance floor forgetting all their worries. “I will make this brief, lately, I have been anchoring shows and events ever since my musical break through. I also teamed up with OLAMIDE AND ZORO on a track Titled “IFUNANYA”. It was released in the year 2018, I am looking forward to the video shoot in the coming month or should I say soonest. That is what I am basically working on presently,” he stated.
Xpensive EMG promises to help his fans experience the signature blissful resonance of his creations and his soulful vocal performance in his upcoming projects.

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