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I Look Forward To Working With Drake –Rexxie

Ezeh Chisom Faith, professionally known as Rexxie, is a Nigerian record producer, DJ and songwriter. He became popular for creating the Zanku sound and producing Naira Marley’s ‘Soapy’, ‘Tesumole’ and the song ‘KPK’ with MohBad. Recently, he featured in MTV Base’s ‘Inside Life’ Naija edition which offers glimpse into popular Nigerian celebrities’ personal and professional lives. In this interview with MUTIAT LAWORE, Rexxie takes us through his humble beginning, challenges, being a part of ‘Inside Life’, among other issues

How excited are you to be one of the casts on this new season of MTV Base Inside Life and what are you most excited for your fans and viewers to see?

I feel happy, I feel blessed and can’t wait for my fans to experience Rexxie and see why I am who I am, to see what he does to be Rexxie. I am just happy they can watch and grow with me.

As one of Nigeria’s top producers, how excited are you for your fans to get a firsthand look at the efforts that it took you to get to where you are today?

Yes, it has been a wonderful journey from way back. It has been a long time coming so I feel like this is going to be an inspiration for fans and producers looking up to me to see the lifestyle and aspire. It’s just an eye opener and an inspiration to everybody to keep doing what they’re doing. They can be stars and shine too. So, it’s going to be an inspiration.

Reality TV Shows give viewers and fans access to your private moments, how do you intend to handle this situation?

True. One side of me is feeling nervous. There’s this enthusiastic feeling like I don’t know what to expect online because I showed different sides of my life, even my relationship. So, it’s a bit different for me, but I’m on for everything. I can’t wait for the experience.

So, there’s no part of your life that you feel like you don’t want people to know?

I don’t think there’s anything I don’t want them to see. So, I was just doing Rexxie these past few weeks and I had MTV come around. It was amazing. I feel like there’s nothing I need to hide.

What will you say is the most challenging for you been on the show?

The fact that it’s not acting makes it easy because you are just living your life and you are captured at every moment. It’s the fact that it’s not acting. You just have to be yourself. Also, the diary session, trying to explain and summarize how your day went and still act like it’s that day.

As a Grammy Award winning producer, how do you joggle being a producer and an entrepreneur?

Honestly, it’s not been easy but as you know, Music is a hustle and a passion for me. As an individual, I love to hustle generally because I don’t like to seat down and be idle that is where the Igbo boy in me manifest. Aside producing, I run a salon on the island and we are doing amazing and not matter how I busy I am; I still find time to see things myself in my salon.

In what way are you also giving back to the society as a producer?

For people who know Rexxie, they understand the fact that I don’t joke with extending help to others. For over three years now, I will invite top music producers like me to come educate aspiring young talents who want to venture into music productions. We try as much as possible to enlighten them on what to do and what not.

Which music production will you say shot you to limelight?

Truth is, I would have said Able God but truthfully when I did Soapy for Naira Marley, a lot of people starting reaching out to me and commending that I did a good job with the music and thereafter, it has been one success story to another.

What was going through your mind when a song you produced for Burna Boy got a Grammy Award?

It was a lot because it wasn’t something I was expecting. Right from the nomination it was already a big deal for me. It was a win for me and winning it made me feel that I did something great for myself. It was only in a song I used to sing that I would win a Grammy. Now I have one. I’m happy to be part of that. There is still more coming.

How did you come to the realization that you wanted to become a producer?

I was an intelligent boy in school. I had good results and my parents were always thinking that I was going to be the doctor of the house. Then when I got into senior secondary class, I told them I wanted to do music. They told me I could still do music and be in a science class. Though they didn’t put down the idea, they tried to pamper me into studying medicine. At the time, I always played the keyboard in church. It was like a routine for me.

So, you can understand that I am enjoying all of this. I feel it is just God’s blessing. I really put a lot of effort into serving God. I went to the computer market and bought required software. I was in Abuja but I had to come back to Lagos to study at YabaTech. I think that was where the whole seriousness started. I could only socialize with music. So, I finally made beats with one of the artistes in my department and it was amazing.

I levelled up and kept pushing and here we are today. It’s the motivation and pressure, the need to be better, to reaffirm oneself, the need to prove myself is what brought me here. It was more of a hustle for me from start. I used it to feed myself while in school and I started investing money in it and it grew bigger and the rest they say is history.

If you had been into music production, what else will you have done?

Most likely, I would be a graphics designer but while in school, I studied Printing Technology in YabaTech.

As a producer, what is the future of Afrobeat in Nigeria?

Afrobeat future is crystal clear in Nigeria, we are doing amazingly well because our music, our sound has travelled beyond where thought it will be. The industry is growing in leap and bound and I can’t wait to see where it’s taking us but so far all I see is greatness and the world can see that right now.

Is there any artist you are yearning to work with at the moment?

Yes!!!! I look forward to working with Drake, this will be a dream come true if I have an opportunity to work and make sound for him. Also, back home here, I would love to do something with Rema.

Where do you see yourself in few years?

I want to see myself owning my own personal empire of talents where I can be a father to a lot of creatives.

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