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I don’t wish to marry a fellow actor –Oge Gabriel

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Oge Gabriel has big dreams of becoming a phenomenal actress. The young actress, who graduated in March 2020, from Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a B.Sc in Mass Communication, speaks with Ifeoma Ononye in this interview about her experiences in the industry so far


Most actors and actresses have different stories of their journey into the movie industry, some stumble into it by chance while others went straight for it. What is your own story?



I have always wanted to be an actor, so I went straight for it and also stumbled upon great opportunities by God’s grace. I started with a friend’s short movie, a producer saw it online and gave me a huge opportunity and I still work for him. I also went for auditions and still go for them, because auditions are really wonderful opportunities once you know what you are doing.



You are among the youngest actors in the industry, were your parents in support when you wanted to become an actress?



No, they disagreed with me when I told them I was going into the industry, but at some point, I was able to convince them to support me.



According to your profile online, you studied Mass Communication, did you think of practicing journalism, or broadcasting before acting career got your attention?



Like I said earlier, I had always wanted to be an actor from childhood and also liked seeing  the newscasters read. When I was getting into the university, I didn’t just want to narrow my knowledge down to just film making, I had to go for Mass Communication because I like to be in the media as well and just let talent, practice,  grace and the rest lead me through acting.

Tell us a little about your growing up, were you over pampered by your parents, the type that they don’t allow to go out?


I was pampered as an only child, but was never over pampered. I was still groomed properly. Personally, I didn’t like going out, so my parents didn’t really have to stop me from going out nor force me to go out.



As a pretty girl, were you among the happening popular girls in your secondary school days?



Oh my! I just know I had a couple of friends. We were brilliant but chronic noise makers though. In my senior secondary, I dropped some percentage of my noisemaking, maybe because I was the Deputy Senior Prefect or just a change that comes with age. I was popular in a good way, at least I wasn’t notorious.



Tell us some of the movies you have featured in?



‘Rosy My tailor’, series called ‘Ojukwu’, ‘Sochi the Royal Blood’, ‘Never Yours’, ‘Sons and Daughters’, ‘The Living Deity’, ‘Our Lagos TV series’ and so on. Another series titled ‘Gifted’ will start airing on ROK2 very soon.



As a young actor, are you up for any movie role, like going nude, sex scene if the price is right?



Despite my burning passion for acting, there are certain roles I cannot play no matter the price. Do you want my family to disown me?



Some actors will say they did not sign up for acting career to become a good girl, that being a bad girl comes with the job, what is your own ideology to succeed in the industry?



Whatever works for anyone. For me , Success in the industry is by talent, passion, determination, hard work, discipline, meeting the right people and most importantly GRACE.



If you are given some compromising roles to act in a movie, who would you consider first before accepting it, your mum, dad, siblings or boyfriend?



I will consider myself first, then my mum.



COVID-19 is affecting actors right now, how have you been coping with not going to location these days?

It has not been easy. It has been like a part of me is missing. But then, we are getting back to business with extreme care.



Did you set up a side business to help you make ends meet?

I just finished with school last year. I am yet to go for youth service, because of COVID-19. I’m definitely setting up a side business. Its still under construction. I was into some mini businesses in school.



From the way coronavirus hit the movie industry, do you think government should have a support fund for actors, actresses and crew members that are still up coming?

If only they can, that would be great. The virus actually did hit everything, so I honestly do not think funding actors and crew members of all things will cross the government’s mind at this point.



Is it true that some male producers demand sex for roles? Have you witnessed it before?



Yes, its true. At least I have experienced it. That was really funny. He never succeeded though.



As a young actress can you fall in love and marry a fellow actor?

I wouldn’t want to marry a fellow actor. Guess I won’t let myself fall in love with an actor to get married to him. But if that’s God’s wish, who am I to say no?



As a known face in the industry, how often do you get advances from men?

I get that just as often as every other girl.



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