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December 8, 2023

How women can stand out in tech industry – Heels and Tech CEO


Bisola Alabi, Chief Executive Officer of Heels and Tech, has been speaking on ways women can shine and make a difference in the tech industry, which is widely tagged to be male-dominated.

Highlighting some ways to achieve their dreams, she counseled women to be confident and assertive, be worth their onions, and focus on their positives.

Speaking during an online training session, organised for women in tech, and those willing to transit into the industry, Bisola, whose company advocates for closing the gender gap between women and men in the technology industry, added that other important ways also include staying on top of the game and keep being relevant, branding oneself on social media and joining a support group.

“Another important way to stay on top of the game is to keep being relevant. How do you do this? By not letting your fire die. Learn more. Take more classes. Know new things that you can use in your tech journey. Learning never ends. This way, you are way ahead.

“If at all you are going to sound the gong about your values and your skills, you must be worthy of yourself and the skills you possess. Nobody wants to work with or employ substandard or mediocre skills. This will give you the respect you deserve and you will stop being mocked or laughed at.”

The Heels and Tech CEO also noted that the misconception that tech is a man’s thing and women belong to less technical careers is making female recognition in tech all the worse.

Additionally, women have taken the initiative to embrace the evolving of the world into the digital era, and have come out and become bold enough in doing exploits in the tech industry since then, have been making waves.

“However, the journey is not usually lined up with roses along the way and they have to fight to keep their relevance and stand out in the tech industry,” she said.

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