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How V4tex Band is Changing the Nightlife in Dubai

A powerful quartet which has become the talk of the town in Dubai (and beyond) has raised the bar in entertainment, particularly the nightlife. Named V4tex Band, it is made up of accomplished instrumentalists who churn out masterly delivery that keeps its audience asking for more.
The Dubai-based band has a unique and interesting history. It was formed out of the quest by the management of the Palazio Versace Hotel in the United Arab Emirates to build a themed performance around a famous global icon in music. Not many would fault their choice of Quincy Jones, the ace music producer who made a name for himself and Michael Jackson, the late King of Pop.
His assignment was to create a self-styled bar and lounge within the hotel. Quincy went to work immediately by identifying a talent who understood what was required of him. That man is the immensely gifted Dante Kennedy, who has a diverse background cutting across music, marketing and sales.
Dante Kennedy, CEO of V4texx Music Group LLC also doubles as the Entertainment & Music Director for the Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai. For Quincy Jones to trust him with that demanding responsibility says a lot about his lofty heights in entertainment, for it is not easy to earn the respect of Quincy Jones.
The name of the band is pronounced “Vortex.” The keyboardist, Emmanuel is from Nigeria. Mr. Segs plays the saxophone. He is also from Nigeria. The guitarist, Ajayi can play a couple of other instruments, as well. He is another Nigerian. Dante plays the drums and other percussion instruments. He completes this dynamic quartet that is changing the nightlife of Dubai. Dante said that being surrounded by Nigerians in his work space “was not planned.”
He captured the changing scenario of the entertainment scene in Dubai. “The entertainment scene in the UAE is very good. There is growth because of individuality and what we can collectively do in the entertainment sector within the country. The people in the entertainment business have come together to create a good foundation.”
The capabilities of his team has never failed said Dante. “What we do every night is determined by our perception of the kind of people sitting around the table in the room. We celebrate the evening based on the kind of people sitting in the crowd. If they want to dance, we have to play something danceable or they just want to sit down and listen with their glasses of wine, we are capable of doing that as well. The band is so versatile in its delivery .”

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