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September 30, 2023

How to get perfect dress fit without wearing bra

It often looked like magic when a woman walks into a party in a well fitted, open back dress and no bra strap is peeking out.


Many have wondered how the dress fits perfectly with no bra strap in sight. The magic has been the strapless boob tape. Strapless boob tape is one of the biggest and trending hacks when thinking of wearing dresses with open backs, plunging neckline or one arm dresses.

Style experts have searched for the best way to make bra straps invisible, to suit some certain looks. Boob tapes became one of the answers to those prayers.


Though many couture dresses are designed in such a way the client would not need to wear a bra, strapless boob tape cannot be ignored as one of the key items that help give the needed lift to the breasts when actual bra is not needed. Strapless boob tape is a self adhesive boob tape made to push up, provide support and comfort.


It can be worn with any outfit with 12 hours of wear time, non allergic, sweat and water proof.


The Strapless tape is said to help give you an incredible lift to the breasts and can be used by everywoman irrespective of age or bust size. Getting the perfect dress fit, and having less worries about having to adjust your bras constantly when you are out is one of the strong reasons women love strapless boob tape.


A few women have stated that strapless boob tapes are comfortable, has a superior hold and easy to remove. A pack comes with a 5meter tape and a reusable nipple cover.


An online blog said there are easy steps to take before removing boob tapes without hitches. Just like they are tapes with adhesive, it is advised to apply oil to the taped region.


Allow the oil to sit for about 15 to 20 minutes, before gradually peeling the tapes off. So, hope this reduces the side comments and grapevine gossip that many women don’t wear bras under their dresses. They do wear, it’s just a different kind of bra.

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