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How Joseph Ayoub Transformed Roses as a “Timeless” Symbol of Love

What do roses symbolize? Love, affection and a strong bond between you and your partner. But it’s sad that no matter how romantic roses are as gifts, they live a short life. They dry up in a few days, and your partner eventually has to toss them off in a bin. But suppose you come across roses that could stand the test of time? Real Roses that can last nearly five years. You would immediately want to gift a box of such roses to your partner.
Well, Dose of Roses will fulfill that wish. Joseph Ayoub and Julian Wilson came together to start a company that delivers customized roses to your loved ones. Founded in January 2019, Dose of Roses shot to fame because of this innovative initiative of providing personalized roses that would last for up to five years.

Roses for a lifetime
Valentine’s Day was just around the corner when Joseph and Julian started Dose of Roses. But they didn’t want to become just another company that sold customized gifts. They wanted to do something unique for lovers. And so, they came up with the idea of a Rose Bear. This bear had synthetic roses that would last a lifetime. Contrary to the roses that you usually see, the ones from Dose of Roses lasted much longer. The concept became so popular that all of their Rose Bears sold out during Valentine’s week.
The massive success didn’t stop Joseph and Julian from trying something new. They wanted to come up with other gifts that partners would fall in love with immediately. And that’s the time they started selling preserved rose arrangements. It enabled customers to customize their gifts before purchasing. From box material to personalized messages on those boxes, everyone now had the free hand to customize the gifts according to the way they wanted. But the surprise didn’t end there. Dose of Roses offered real roses that last up to five years.

The advent of timeless roses
Joseph got in touch with some of the rose farmers in Ecuador which would send the roses to a treatment lab where the technicians would use methanol to dehydrate the roses and remove their colors turning them white. They would then treat each rose with a formula consisting of both non-allergenic and non-toxic wax and natural oils to give them a beautiful scent that matches the color of the rose. Once the technicians finished draining the roses, they would soak them in rich, vibrant dye colors to make them in different unique colors.

If you wonder whether she would remember your gift after a few years, try sending her a Dose of Roses. Joseph believes that this symbol of love would surely make your partner blush and smile the same way every time they see that rose arrangement throughout the years remembering the feeling they had encountered the first time. Fresh roses usually last for a week, but with Dose of Roses, you have the chance to make them last a lifetime.

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