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How Imprxx Will Redefine Live-Streaming, Serve Content Creators – K1 De Ultimate

Fuji music exponent, Olasunkanmi Ayinde Marshal, popularly known as K1 De Ultimate, has endorsed a live-streaming platform, Imprxx, created by Mr Ayo Ileesemi.

He said that Imprxx, as a dedicated innovation showcasing the potential of passions and technology in redefining entertainment, event hosting and management, shopping and social media experiences, will create better ways for people to connect and interact with content and creators.

The music maestro who is the brand Ambassador of Imprxx stated this in a media chat at his Mayegum Royal Resort in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, adding that with Imprxx, you can have the feeling like everything is happening next to you.

“Imprxx will define how we will receive live shows in music or live theatre. It makes us understand that we should be thankful for the innovations that are available to us now.

”When they used to say the world is a ‘global village,’ one might not quickly recognise what we’re trying to talk about. I can be here in my office, passing music to the rest of the world, and everybody will enjoy it. You don’t necessarily need to be at every venue before you get things done,” he said.

On what to expect as he will be performing at the inauguration of the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and Imprxx will be live to cover it, he said:

“Number one, we have the grace of having a transition. When we witness that, the benefit of it is that with what we have doing it together with Imprxx, we want to showcase the whole thing to the world; to let the world know that you have the world next to you right in your sitting room wherever you are, either in your sitting room in Australia or China, wherever you can have a feeling like everything is happening live next to me.

”That is the essence of it; to be able to beam the inauguration live and let everything know all these things that they’ve been keeping away from us afar is truly nearer to us.

“This innovative idea is to tell us that the world is moving. The world is not static; it’s moving, and we should move. If you don’t move, then you’ve lost it. I don’t want to be one of the losers. I want to be in the moment and enjoy the benefits.

“I give glory to God Almighty. I’ve always been a supporter of every good initiative that comes the way of entertainment so that every entertainer and the people will see the very best of what everybody expected. I am also grateful to Imprxx for considering me worthy of such a partnership.

”And it will help others take a cue from me to better their lives too. It is not going to be only me; before you know it, within the first month, I believe the whole world will be feeling good about the initiative we’re talking about.”

Also speaking, Mr Ileesemi explained that Imprxx is a digital platform that’s going to “handle content from a very broad angle, and one of those angles is keeping a playlist of whatever content we have.

“Be rest assured that K1’s content, the old schools, and the new ones, everything, will be accessible on Imprxx. In content creation, there’s something they call reel on Facebook, and I think in Tik Tok; we are disrupting that by adding new things to reel in Imprxx. So new things are coming to the field of the reel in Imprxx, and every content of K1.”

He also assured us that Imprxx is going to serve all content creators. “So once you create your content, the rest comes from live streaming. From wherever you live stream on Imprxx, it will automatically be on Imprxx.

”So it opens you up to anybody in the world to have that on Imprxx, which is also a platform where once you live stream from there, you have your content, and you can still bring old content, and put it on a waitlist.

”And that content is what they used to do on the reel. Reel means that if I want to do a live video, I have a playlist of songs that I can put in an interface with the live video, and two of them come out together as live content.”

According to him, Imprxx will also provide about 500000 jobs. “What we are bringing to the entertainment industry is the creation of almost 500,000 jobs from the angle. Content creators should be ready.

”Videographers should be ready. Musicians should be ready; the Central Bank of Nigeria should be ready, Nigeria and the world should be ready for this disruption and new innovations that are going to create so many opportunities for the world.”

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