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September 28, 2023

How HighKey Coin reached unmatched success in such a short span of time

All it took for social media and press management agency, HighKey to grow their BitClout coins’ value to over $15,000 per coin was a consistent investment. HighKey also hit over a $1M market cap on BitClout in one month. Top-level HighKey executives Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz, are understandably thrilled, but it’s nothing they say they weren’t able to predict in the first place.

In fact, the second the siblings heard about BitClout, they say they fell in love with the whole idea behind it. After finding out the decentralized platform perfectly aligns with their goals, they jumped on the opportunity and say they went all in. They immediately set up a ‘creator coin’ for the HighKey brand, and already the brothers are earning great returns on their early investment.

BitClout: A Backgrounder

The concept behind BitClout for those who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency can make your head spin. However, at the core, it’s not that different from any other social networking platform, like Twitter or Instagram. The only significant difference is that creators can directly earn equity from their clout on the platform without having to run ads or sell anything but their own name.

Here’s how it works.

Every profile created on the BitClout platform gets assigned a coin that any user can buy or sell. These are called ‘creator coins’ and basically act as a new type of asset class. They are inherently tied to the reputation of an individual or brand. The price of a user’s coin goes up when there’s good news leading people to invest in the reputation of such user, and in turn, it goes down when people sell the creator coins in anticipation of a user’s clout taking a hit.

For example, if HighKey should announce they’re launching a new HighKey brand, the price of their coin on BitClout would likely rise in anticipation of the new project. On the other hand, if HighKey comes out with news that the launch will be postponed or canceled, their coin would expectedly tank.

So why is HighKey’s coin going up continuously with no signs of slowing down?

Understanding the HighKey Hype

According to Jordan, he and his brothers Luke and Jackson were the very first investors of the @highkey coin. This move is very much in line with HighKey’s main marketing strategy, which is to constantly re-invest in your brand.

The Lintz brothers say they have managed to build an empire by repeatedly investing profits back into their own digital brand and reputation. If you’re an investor, it’s pretty hard not to get inspired by the kind of confidence the Lintz’ have on their own brand and group of companies.

A major value of HighKey is being able to predict trends before they happen. With BitClout being so new, the Lintz brothers are jumping on what they perceive to be a massive gain for them and their brands in the long run.

HighKey Coin is gaining impressive traction on BitClout on the back of investors knowing full well that the brothers will continuously work on upholding their good reputation while finding new ways to deliver value to holders of their coin. And, of course, continue investing in the BitClout platform in general.

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