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How fortune smiled on Mummy Zee, hubby

How it started

X formerly known as Twitter, is a social media platform with million of subscribers who can make or mar your reputation. Known as a “mad house,” it’s filled with intellectuals who do not mince words in analysing or criticising any wrong post regardless of who is involved. Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had in June 2021, suspended the platform’s access which resulted in telecoms networks blocking the platform, two days after Twitter deleted the immediate past President’s post where he threatened to punish secessionists. The then Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, had announced that the Twitter’s suspension by President Buhari had become necessary given the persistent use of the platform for activities capable of undermining the corporate existence of Nigeria. On October 1st, about four months after the suspension, Buhari lifted the ban during his independence day broadcast, with a clause that the social media platform must meet certain conditions. However, the platform has continued to buzz as usual, as many Nigerians continue to explore it for their different purposes not minding who gets hurt in the process.

One of such unlucky Nigerians was a Lady known as Mummy Zee, with the X handle @_Debbie_OA. She had taken to her share how she had to start waking up by 4:50am to cook for her husband in a bid to ensure she doesn’t lose her husband to his female colleague because of food. Debbie said: “I feel men will understand better. She just resumed there o, she saw he wasn’t bringing food and suddenly brought spoon. He came back home and told me about how she’s been extra friendly . I decided to start to try packing his lunch, before he falls for the friendliness.” However, X caught fire when some feminists dragged Debbie now nicknamed Mummy Zee for being a slave to a man. What followed was an admixture of hot criticisms and praises. One lady @LahLah, saw Debbie’s post and said she would never wake up at that time to cook for her husband that the God that did it for Mummy Zee should avoid her. In response, Debbie stated, “Of course he would, he doesn’t give his children’s food to dog.” As it dragged on, a Twitter user had jokingly said someone should translate Debbie’s food about her cooking for her husband by 4:50am in football terms. The first response to that was from @BigAyo “Psg Increases mbappe wages after seeing Real Madrid’s interest.” then the buzz begin to thicken. Figuring they were losing the fight, some feminist dug deeper into Debbie’s account to bring up an old tweet where she had said she needed 85k to get a fridge and boom, the Naira rain began.

Naira rain

The attempt of broke shaming Debbie and her husband brought Providence smiling on the young couple, as X was instantly shut down with Debbie trending massively under her new Nick name, “Mummy Zee.” Donations began to filter in from different individuals and before long, it had hit over N2 million. In a twist of fate, a fintech company operating in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Kuda Bank, broke the ice with a N2 million naira donation. Taking to its official X account, the bank in reaction to a screenshot of over N2 million naira shared on X by Debbie, wrote, “As your bank, we’re happy to match the N2,044,133.94 balance in your screenshot. Keep doing you, Debbie!” A Smart phone company Infinix Nigeria, also took to its official X handle to gift Debbie and her husband two of their latest device, Infinix Hot 40. Besides furniture, generator and other tangible gifts donated by individuals, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Limited also took to its official X account to gift Debbie a N200,000 voucher redeemable at any of it’s retail station in the country. The tweet reads: “Hello @_Debbie_OA, we love your amazing love story, and we would like to gift you a free N200,000 PMS voucher redeemable at any of our 900+ retail stations nationwide. “This will ensure that Mummy Zee has #EnergyforToday and #EnergyforTomorrow. We have just followed you. Please check your DM. Best wishes.”

NITDA reacts

Also taking to its official X handle, NITDA had gifted Debbie and her husband two laptops. The tweet reads: “Hello @_Debbie_OA, your amazing love story and perseverance is touching, and we would like to gift you two laptops and 1-year internet subscription for you and your husband. “This is to ensure that Mummy Zee joins our quest for a #DigitalNigeria and #Tech4Women. We have just followed you. Please check your DM.” The couple also got a land gift from Kemsan Acres Global Limited announced through its official X account, @kemsan_ acres. “Hi, @_Debbie_OA seeing you’d love to be a landowner, we are excited to make you and your husband joint landowners in one of our estates in Ibadan.Kindly send us a DM and we can sort out the details.Congratulations, again.” In addition, @FirstDoctor also took to its official X account to gift the couple an uninterrupted supply of diapers for one full year. “Dear @_Debbie_OA, As you and your family are expecting a baby, the baby’s hygiene and health are so important to me. I will be providing your child’s diapers until they turn 1 year. Also,an X user, Incredible Loner with the handle @Omf197xx, gifted the couple a big generator. “GoodEvening @_Debbie_OA, i’m willing to give you this Generator, you and your man deserves everything that’s coming your way.”

Mass reaction

Wowed and amazed at the swift turn of events, Debbie do not waste a second in appreciating the gifts being showered on her family from a simple and sincere post that ended up generating a controversy on the social media space. Taking to her X account to appreciate Kuda Bank she wrote, “I don’t even want to screenshot my balance. Jesus! they did more than that o.” However, many Nigerians warned her not to venture such and ensure security is tightened around her family,.given the spate of insecurity and kidnapping in the country. INSIDE ABUJA captured few out of the millions of reactions by Nigerians. An X user @Oligboj tweeted, “Now she has made over 5m from being a good wife and not a hookup babe. I’m just super happy for you.” @Gee tweeted, “This Woman is just so contented No Greedy Mindset at all. Why won’t God answer you? You deserve the Massive Love jare Don’t stop it allow it keep flowing And continue to be you It Pays Much love from here.” @Balatic tweet reads: “This story will trend for many years to come. Nigerians are making a huge statement about our culture and how protective of it we are.” @adamugarba tweeted, “Nigerians came for a fellow Nigerian in a complete solidarity to protect their culture and sanctity of the family and sacredness of marriages. This is unprecedented in our history.

More blessings

“Mummy Zee and Daddy Zee are not just blessed, but they reflect how blessed Nigerians are. If I said I’m proud of this wonder, it’s an understatement. “As you all came for this young promising family, May God’s Graces come to your family and to our country. Dear Nigerians, On her part @Ebyfyn tweeted, “Wow Congratulations, Abeg how u take pray during Cross over night God truly heard you.” @Nini on his part tweeted, ” you can call her a slave or whatever on Twitter but in reality, she did what she had to do but then, she prevented her husband from from possibly spending a lot more time with another lady because of food While @obajemujnr tweeted “Even unborn baby carry straw Dey suck out of the Grace This is generational blessing,”@PreciousOrizu1 tweeted, “When u treat ur wife well, she will definitely treat u well, don’t maltreat her and expert blessings.”

Bright future

For Debbie and her husband,.the new year, 2024 has marked a positive turning point in their lives and marriage forever, except if they fail to maximise the unexpected opportunities thrown at them within two days. Besides the job opportunities thrown at her feet, Debbie’s status as wife of a Mathematics teacher is also about to change an exchange of tweets have shown. A tweeter user, Sir Dickson @Wizarabi10 had asked, “What does he do? What is he interested in doing? Lets find him something better.” Quickly rising to the action, a smart Debbie had responded, “He studied mathematics and he enjoys teaching science subjects from junior to senior secondary and he’s also very patient with primary students too. “If we get something else asides teaching I’ll be glad, he needs to be able to rest sometimes. He learns very fast too.” Amongst the other opportunities being thrown at the couple, @Theoladeledada tweeted, “If he’s willing to learn a tech skill, let me know, can help him get a scholarship to learn that and I can guarantee him a Job in tech community once done. “If he’s willing to continue with the mathematics he studied which is also my first degree, I can recommend him to start working at a private university.” Still trying to wake up to the sudden turn around in his family’s fortunes, Debbie’s husband, Abiola Adebisi, was reported to have taken to Twitter to express his gratitude for the overwhelming support and donations they have received and still receiving this far. He wrote, “I bless the day I met this woman.”He described Debbie as a prayer warrior, stating, “She can prayyyyy. My god in human form.”

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