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How content creators are earning on social media with the help of Fidle

The Fidle network, a no censorship platform of the world, has created a means for content creators on social media to earn some money from the original audio, photos, videos and texts they post on social media.

Over the years, shareholders of social media platforms have been making billions of dollars from user-generated content, but the content creators made nothing. Fidle has decided to flip the model and returned the value to the people who contribute the most.

Content creators earn cryptocurrency as rewards for each contribution they make and this cryptocurrency is called the Fidle token, which can be stored in a digital wallet, traded, swapped, exchanged and fully decentralized. This is the no censorship platform of the world; totally decentralized and open.

With Fidle, each post, comment, like or multimedia content has an equal opportunity on the Fidle network to be converted into an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and exchanged for Fidletoken, seamlessly and in real-time.

The Fidle token is the official token of the Fidle network. It is a better and more efficient payment and rewards alternative that is also money in a new way. It is a digital token that is tradeable on global exchanges and can also be exchanged for digital and physical goods and services on the Fidle platform.

Fidle is a decentralized social media app built on the blockchain. It is a platform for all creatives. This means that your post never gets deleted, forever on the blockchain.

Fidle is designed with the intent of rewarding users and content creators for original content such as pictures, videos and texts via a native digital token on the fidle platform known as fidle power.

Users on the fidle platform earn fidle power when other users like and comment on their posts. These actions are converted to fidle power via the blockchain and when they accumulate to a certain threshold, fidle power is traded for other goods and services on the fidle platform or converted to fidlecoin token.

Converting fidle power on the fidle network to fidlecoin enables the user to trade fidlecoin for cash and transactions directly through peer-to-peer (P2P), customer-to-business (C2B) or business-to-business (B2B) models.

Users can also convert their picture posts into NFTs, (non-fungible token), mint them and trade them on open NFT market places thereby expanding their earning portfolio on the platform.”

The goal of the Fidle team is to create a decentralized social network of communities built on Blockchain technology where people or users can explore their interests, passion and hobbies and earn Fidle tokens while connecting with loved ones, friends and families and also keeping them in control of their data. These tokens earned can then be traded, for physical and digital goods on the fidle platform.

The Fidle which is available on Google Playstore and also on the Web, helps users earn from their posts and engagements on the platform. Users can convert their original picture posts to NFTs and mint them, and eventually trade them on the NFT marketplace.

Users can leapfrog their learning curve on the blockchain and by implication discover how cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (Defi) projects and Web 3.0 work. They can even jumpstart their projects from the content they’ll be exposed to.

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