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How can PHP developer stay productive

The modern rhythm of life often drives us into a corner. Keeping up with everything at work and at the same time keeping personal affairs in order is quite difficult. Therefore, from time to time, every professional is faced with the question of how to maintain productivity and not to burn out.

If you want to increase your productivity while working in the office or at home, there are a few simple rules to follow. The first of which is to carefully study jobs for PHP developers and reviews. If a vacancy by the same employer appears too often, this is a reason to think about why programmers leave them. Most often, the outflow of specialists occurs precisely because of the abundance of factors that reduce productivity. How to avoid them? Let’s talk further.


Often, a PHP programmer is given several dozen tasks at once. And each is called extremely important, paramount, and very urgent. If you don’t learn how to properly prioritize tasks, you will simply be swept over by this wave. As a result of such work, not only productivity falls, but also self-confidence as a professional, and then burnout is within easy reach.

Also, a frequent problem is not the number of tasks, but their diversity. It is not easy to reorganize to solve such different tasks, it takes time, so priority issues may suffer. The ability to clearly understand what needs to be done first of all in terms of timing and importance helps to maintain productivity throughout the working day and the project as a whole.

Motivate yourself

There are two types of motivation — internal and external. The first is the ability to maintain productivity and interest in work for a long time. This means that you know what you are doing and understand why. Let’s say this project will help you grow to a new level and gain new skills. As a result, improve positions in the company, receive higher salaries, etc. External motivation comes up when the employer is working on raising motivation. They give bonuses for good work, provide career growth, and take care of a friendly environment inside the company. Ideally, these two types of motivation coexist. They feed each other, and you will be constantly productive and will not burn out. Therefore, always be where you feel motivated.

Look for a job where processes are automated

If the PHP developer job description involves performing routine tasks, be sure to figure out which ones. First of all, the lack of automation takes a lot of time and effort from the programmer to perform the simplest actions. If you constantly need to return to the system to perform a simple action that can be automated using a popular and wide variety of services, the work turns into a routine. There can be no talk of creativity, inspiration, and dedication. And where there is no passion, there is no productivity.

For the most part, process automation is the domain of bosses and senior developers, but you need to insist and express your wishes. Otherwise, burnout is not far off.

Create the right atmosphere in the workplace

A whole study was conducted, which showed that developers need white noise to be productive. The hum of working equipment, the noise of cars on the street, perhaps even music in headphones — these are familiar sounds. It’s hard to work without them. But conversations, constant phone calls, and walking behind your back are seriously distracting. Working in a noisy office? Use special noise-canceling headphones.

Often the key aspect of performance is the position you fill. Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully approach the choice of work. And to get a place in a highly-paid position, get ready with these backend developer interview questions and answers (link) that are likely to come up in your interview.

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