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How can Nigerians survive another 18 months of Buhari?

W hen a leader does not address the problem. The problem becomes the leader.


And the leader becomes the problem. H ow have you faired under President Muhammadu Buhari is a legitimate question which can be answered without sentiment and politics. President Buhari still has one full year and some months to stay in office, but those remaining months seem like eternity and promises to be tough and harsh.

How can Nigerians survive this period? President Buhari entered 2022 as damaged goods. His incoherent media chat with Channel Television dashed all hopes that this elephant would dance.

Though his years in office and presidency will be officially over in 2023 he has become the lamest of lamest presidents in history.

Recent opinion conducted soon after his media chat with Channels showed that 80% of polled population want him gone including those who fanatically voted for him in 2015 and 2019.

How bad is it? It has gotten so bad that members of his party including the party leader himself are taking turns to officially inform him that they want his job.


Almost everyone wants to be president because the office has been reduced to a retirement home where you are paid to do the wrong things and paid to be wrong.


Those trooping to the Presidential Palace for Buhari’s anointing are not his cabinet appointees and therefore do not need his permission to run for office. They are not telling the party hierarchy or the people that they want to be president and why, rather they are telling the president they want to continue from where he stopped.


Where we are with Buhari are what we have witnessed which we will not forgive; broken promises, the decline in our standards of living, general insecurity, inflation , battered economy and a divided nation.


Bola Tinubu is the APC party leader who did everything to field himself as vice president in 2015 but was blocked before he grudgingly sent in his surrogate. Now, both he and his surrogate want to be the President.


BAT told newsmen after he met with the President that: “Being president is his life-long ambition’’. Imagine for a second having someone whose life-long ambition is to be the president as a vice. I believe the gods were with President Buhari otherwise your guess will be as good as mine.


I nevertheless commend Bola Tinubu for his sincerity, quite unlike Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State who told newsmen that God asked him to run for president blah blah blah. Excuse me!


God is not an author of confusion. God will not send you on a mission he does not want you to accomplish. If God sends you, He will not leave you a straw man. Politicians who lie in God’s name explain why Nigeria is a huge market for diviners, sorcerers, prophets and pastors who promise prosperity without labour.

They are dreamers hoping to succeed without hard work and determination.


After listening to Dave Umahi, I also imagined what would have been the reaction of the Christian community if a Muslim man had claimed Allah told him to run for president. The sing song would have been that he is an Islamist who want to Islamize Nigeria.


That’s how mental we have become with faith issues. I sincerely our politicians should leave out God in their politics and lies My advice to Governor Umahi is to get to work if truly he wants to be president.

According to my dear friend, Ronke Apampa whose words have been a source of inspiration to me: “God is not a man that He should lie. We need God and need to walk in the light of his words”.

However, Nigerians don’t need a fake prayer warrior after Buhari but a president who will do His will, give them security, economic prosperity, stable standard of living and unity. I pity those going to President Buhari for anointing.

Though an incumbent, President Buhari is old, weak and confused to help anybody. He will not be in position to determine who succeeds him because he has not done well. He ran a terrible government.

He never kept a single of his election promises. If a free and fair election is conducted there is no way anyone associated with his retrogressive policies will win except if we are insane people. Nigerians are waiting for Buhari’s presidency to be officially over.

They are counting days and hoping to survive him. Anyone who wants to be president should be able to run on his merit and not otherwise. That person should be able to stand the scrutiny of Nigerians because we don’t want to repeat the same mistake of 2015 and 2019.

On the economy, Nigerians have not had it so bad and cannot forgive a regime that has badly affected their standard of living. Inflation is not an act of God but the consequence of bad government policies. When the Central Bank devalues the naira and prints a lot of naira to meet up with outsized government spending, the result is inflation.

When the government borrows money to build infrastructures and half of the money ends up in private pockets, we are not only depleting our foreign reserve but mortgaging our future with debts. This is not an act of God but the consequence of corruption.

When government policies cause foreign investors to withdraw and repatriate their foreign deposits from our banks, it’s not an act of God. Not even our own citizens have confidence in the naira.


Many people are running away from the naira to the dollar, euro and pounds hence the naira is on a free fall. This isn’t an act of God but a reaction to wrong monetary and economic policies. The other day I spoke to a restaurant owner who served me a miserable food at a high cost. She told me that everything is now expensive in the market.

That cost of food items has increased. That most items cannot be found in shops anymore and when you are able to find them, they are not affordable. And this includes cost of pure water. Nigerians want to be able to afford basic things like food, shelter, clothes, medicines etc.

The president in his recent interview asked Nigerians to return back to the land because his newly appointed Chief Economic Adviser told him that only 2.5% of Nigeria’s arable land are cultivated. That’s not correct. The lands are fallow due to insecurity.

The roads to burial sites are now busier than the roads to the farm due to the menace of militia herdsmen, bandits, insurgents and unknown gunmen. To go back to the land, Nigerians want safety and security which the government is not providing.

The money being paid to our security forces are like wasted money because they pose weak in the face of our neverending security challenges. The entire country has become a criminal war zone and a crime scene.

Those who can afford it migrate to the city centre have left, while the poor remain in the rural areas at the mercy of criminals who abduct, rape, maim and kill them at will.

The unity of the country is under severe stress. We are now more divided than we had ever been. President Buhari by his actions and inaction remain a polarising factor.

Thus far, he ran an administration that successfully fractured the unity of the country. Without unity we cannot make progress. We need a president who will be a unifier, a president who understands the economy and someone who will be firm against insecurity.

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