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How Angels are at war for you

Title: Angels at War for You

Author: I.G. Newman

Publishers: Heritage Publication

Place of publication: Jos
Year of publication: 2012

Number of pages: 122

Reviewer: Nwagbo Obi



The book Angels at War for You is an endeavour by the author I. G. Newman to remind humanity that what God promised in Exodus 23:20; “I am sending an angel before you, to keep you on your way and to be your guide into the place which I have made ready for you” is continuously being fulfilled at all times by God. The question is how has the children of God allowed this to manifest in their lives?


In 122 pages, the book in eighteen chapters made known the fights Angels fight for mankind, how to ask the assistance of Angels, biblical examples of Angelic manifestations and true life testimony of Children of God the angels have helped out of a deep dilemma.

Such predicaments include ghastly auto crash, afflictions, wickedness of the wicked, witchcraft attacks etc. The introduction to the books makes it clearer: “This book seeks to highlight the works of Angels in our lives as children of God, through real life testimonies and miracles experienced by myself and my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. It also seeks to educate you on how to implore the help of Angels in times of need.



Do you know that God has allotted everyone a guardian Angel through which he saves us in times of troubles?”


Consequently, chapter one, raises the question who are Angels? Instantly providing the answer from the scripture, catechism and etymologically, this chapter states with scriptural reference that, angels are the messengers of God, and are spoken of in the epistle to the Hebrews as “ministering spirits” in Heb. 1:14. It further reveals that there are good and bad angels. The good Angels are God’s angels while the bad Angels are of Satan.


They were thrown down to earth from heaven with Lucifer. Also the Catechism of the Catholic Church defines Angels as being purposefully created by God to serve as messengers who hearken to his word and who will always do his will. They are celestial beings; they are spirits by nature and are immortal.


Chapter Three highlights on the Ministry of Angels where a look is taken at what God said about Angels concerning humanity, they follow the word of God to make it powerful and produce result, hence, every child of God has Angels at his disposal.


They are the militant ministries of children of God. Psalm 91: 9-14 reveals how Angels are committed to ensure all round safety to mankind. Angels are charged with order to keep humanity, such that even the toes of our feet are not permitted to be hurt. This is because: God has given his Angels charge over us, to keep us in all our ways.


This means that Angel will move with us. You will not enter calamity, you will not see disappointment, you will not see failure, and you will not see barrenness again. The Angels of God the Lord chase the enemies. This chapter lists the types of angels as: Angel that are messenger, Angel of wars, Angel of judgment,


Angel of the throne of Angels and Guardian Angels. Chapter four which deals with how to implore the help of angels urged that children of God must cultivate the habit of praise and worship, because Angels lead in praise and worship all the time in heaven, and as you join them in praise and worship to God, they also join you in anything that concerns your life.

Paul and Silas in Act 16, praised and worshiped God, while in the prison God’s glory  came and open the prison door for their freedom, in your problems praise and worship God, and he will come or sent an Angel like in (Act 12) while Peter was in prison, the church prayed and an Angel was sent for his release.


Chapters five, Six and seven titled God’s mercy towards us by Sending His Angels, Angels and Violent Earthquake,


The Battle of Edom respectively, dwell on how God uses angels to protect and guide us from the devices of the devil, cause earthquake in the kingdom of Satan that will shake every kingdom that is against you joy and the Angel will uproot any evil buried against you, your family, your business, your wife, your husband, your brothers and sisters, give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man through God we shall do valiantly: for him, it is that shall tread down our enemies.


In Chapters eight, nine, and ten, titled Revoking Evil Dedication, Prayer against  Terrifying Problems and Prayer against Destiny Killers accordingly explain what evil dedication, terrifying problems and destiny killers are and itemized prayer points that will be used to battle them.


With the advice that if you do the prayers with faith, your miracle is a must, chapter eight presented 63 prayer points, Chapters Nine, 100 prayer points and Chapters ten, 122 prayer points.


The chapters also counseled that before you pray these prayers points; go into a period of praise and thanksgiving, to do the prayers for nine days with fasting and every mid-night if you can.


Then sow a quality seed of sacrifice to back it up. You can do the prayers as often as you can and choose a fasting type for yourself. Similarly, the Council of Wickedness Must Bow, Destroy Evil Pot, Cleaning Home and Confession that bring Prosperity, Destroying Incurable Disease, I Declare War, Victory Over Satanic Polluted Dreams,


And War Against Wasters, War against poverty, as chapters eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen in that order make available more prayer points to defeat the machinations of the devil.


Chapters eleven, 37 prayer points, twelve, 29 prayer points, thirteen, highlights some portions in the Bible for confession, fourteen, 50, fifteen, 23, sixteen, 59, seventeen, 77 and eighteen, 155 prayer points.

The chapters also counseled that before you pray these prayer points, go into a period of praise and thanksgiving, do the prayers for nine days with fasting, every mid-night if you can, sow a quality seed, do the prayers as often as you can and choose a fasting type for yourself.


Conclusively this book reminds the children of God where to sow or drop their seeds.


Most times, mistakes in books are from typographical errors or proofreading inadequacies, however, it is good that reviews point them out for subsequent revised editions. So, some errors like in the introduction, Works of Angels in our lives as a children of God,


This should as children of God, It also seeks to educate you on how to implore the help of Angels times of needs. Angels in times of needs. Through which the saves us in times of troubles, through which he saves us in times of troubles, chapter 15, I Declear War, the word is declare etc.


NWAGBO OBI is of National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO)

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