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How Akeredolu’s Death Increase My Chances Of Becoming Ondo Gov – Ibrahim

Senator Jimoh Ibrahim, an aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming governorship election in Ondo State and an astute politician from Ondo South, has announced his plan to run for the state’s number one seat.

Speaking on Thursday in Akure, Ibrahim claimed that his prospects of winning the governorship will have increased owing to the passing of the state’s former governor, Rotimi Akeredolu.

Ibrahim also expressed hope that the APC National leadership and the presidency wouldn’t impose a candidate on the party members.

The senator mentioned that in order to allow the strongest candidate to win, President Bola Tinubu would permit a free and fair primary.

His words: “I’m declaring my intention to run for the governorship election of Ondo State. Among the contestants, I am the oldest. I have contested election twice in my lifetime, one of which I contested for a governorship position in 2003, and none of these contestants was on that ballot.


“The President will never say that we should go and work for the incumbent governor. He can only appeal that maybe he prefers one person if you can prefer him and if you cannot, go and do your election. So the President cannot say that I have taken this person so all of you should go and sit down.”

The APC candidate for governor also stated that he would be more likely to win the primary and general election as a result of former governor Akeredolu’s passing.

“Maybe the death of Aketi has enhanced my chances because Aketi is a human being, he can be subjectively objective at the last minute. But now that he is no more, that possibility is written off completely. So whoever is there, wants to run for governor will meet me at the field.

“So Aketi’s death doesn’t affect my chances at all, but it would rather enhance my chances to win the governorship position of this state. So we are working seriously to win this election,” Ibrahim added.

He stated that the state’s economy and security were among his main goals and that for the state Security Network Agency, commonly known as Amotekun, to effectively combat criminal activity, it was necessary to provide it with cutting-edge technology.

“My programmes are very straightforward, we are to create moral efficiency and moral knowledge and make the body more efficient.

“We must also map Ondo State borders for a security network and then ensure that we will never have any cases of kidnapping, by making Amotekun a classic unique security outfit that will come with a good strategy to challenge any security issues in our state.

“So one of the areas we are looking at is to ensure that everybody in Ondo state can go to sleep with their eyes closed and that’s topmost of our priority. Mapping every system, the tactical operations of Amotekun have to become more distinct into technology, I want an Amotekun that is Information Technology informed because I have PhD in war, ”he stressed.

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