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Holding bay: Truckers abandon importers’ containers

As gridlock persists, truckers have decided to abandon importers with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC’s) containers due to lack of holding bay and unfair trade practice by the shipping line.


It was learnt that more than 67 per cent of empty containers belonging to the liner were abandoned at various destinations by truck owners in Lagos State over inability to provide holding bay.


Although the liner claimed that it had provided four containers holding bays in the state, but the truckers said that the company had no proof of the facilities, noting that this was the reason transporters no longer patronise importers with MSC containers.


At least 70 per cent of truck owners have declined lifting boxes belonging to MSC. It was learnt that over 8,000 empty containers belonging to the company were in Lagos.


According to Vice President, Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO), Inuwa Abdullahi, the shipping company was misleading the public by saying that a bond terminal was the same as holding bay, rather, he said that trucks had been converted to holding bays along the port.


He stressed that this was why most truckers were not interested in carrying boxes belonging to MSC. Abdullahi explained that currently, truckers had dumped containers belonging to MSC. Abdullahi said: “Lack of holding bay by the shipping company to stack empty containers has made our members’ trucks to serve as holding bay at various garages with demurrage.”


Already, the Managing Director of MSC in Nigeria, Andrew Lyche, had said that his company had four holding bays in Lagos.

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