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Heavenly help

TEXT: 2 Kings 6:26-27; Psalm 121:1-2; Isaiah 41:10, 13; Psalm 60:11 2 Kings 6:26-27. And as the king of Israel was passing by upon the wall, there cried a woman unto him, saying, Help, my lord, O king. And he said, If the LORD do not help thee, whence shall I help thee?

out of the barnfloor, or out of the winepress? Our main text for today’s message (2 Kings 6:26-27) established the fact that if God does not help you, no one will deem it fit to help you.

In a time like this, that scarcity is the order of the day in so many places, when the demand is higher than the supply, where famine and dryness are being experienced all over the land, in a situation where resources are being managed and controlled by a few set of people or individuals, in such a time that businesses are being closed down, in a time of economic meltdown, in a situation where the rate of dependants are on the increase in an exponential manner compared with the independent people,

in such a terrible situation where people see paper and think it is money, in a season where you work hard but nothing to show for it, then, we need the heavenly help as children of God.

  1. What’s is heavenly help? (Psalm 121:1-2; 2 Kings 6:27). Heavenly help is God’s assistance or God’s help to His children. Also, it means divine help or assistance  In the same vein, it means help from above. If God does not help you, no one can help you.

If God does not help you, help will become a mirage to you, it will be far away from you. Unless God help you, you cannot move to the next level, you can not go far in life.

  1. Hindrances to heavenly help i. Sin / Disobedience. Isaiah 1:18, 19; Psalm 66:18. When you continue in perpetual sin and you fail to repent and turn to God, it will prevent you to get heavenly help. ii. Satan. Daniel 10:12-13. Satan fell from God’s grace and since then he has been blocking the children of God from receiving heavenly help.

After Daniel sought the face of God in prayer for help, God answered him from the first day of his prayer but Satan hindered it to get to Daniel. It took Daniel’s persistent prayer before God intervened again. iii. SELF (YOURSELF). 2 Kings 5:25-27.


You can be a major hindrance to heavenly help, if you don’t follow God’s orders or instructions. God has a good plan for Gehazi but he destroyed it by himself. God chose Saul from the multitude but he destroyed himself and his destiny. May that not become your portion in Jesus Mighty Name. 3. How to provoke heavenly help i. Through Fervent Prayers.

1 Chronicles 4:9-10; Acts 12:5-11. When you pray fervently and consistently, you provoke God’s help.

  1. Through Praise and Worship. Acts 16:25-26. Paul and Silas praised God wholeheartedly in the prison and the doors of the prison opened by the power of Praise and Worship.

iii. By helping others. When you help other people, God will help you too.

iv. Through Sacrificial Giving. 2 Chronicles 1:6-8. When Solomon gave a sacrificial giving to God, God gave him uncommon testimony, He gave him what he did not ask for.

When God helps you, you will live a struggle free life. You will live an enviable life. May God help you this season in Jesus Mighty Name.

In this season we are, God will send you help from heaven in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

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