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September 29, 2023

Hats: Old English classic never goes away

There is no speaking about the British classic fashion without mentioning the ever sophisticated hats. It is one of the oldest English accessories from way back to the 1960s. Back then, ladies were said to be unappropriately dressed without their hats. Now, it is the biggest throwback with modern twist. These classic hats are one of the best accessories when styling a classy look for a civil or church wedding. More so, wedding guests are keying into the classy hat style for a unique change. This is the kind of upper class fashion found among guests, who patronise the horse race arena. They dress to the nines just to watch the horses race. One would look out of place if you were to think like an average citizen that it is just a horse race competition but its a serious fashion affair. Now, if you are not a wedding guest, or have a horse race track invitation, these gorgeous looks can inspire your next church service outfit. Let these few sophisticated looks dazzle on your creativity a little.

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