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Hardship Protests: Tinubu, Ministers Jolted, Scramble for Solutions

Recent demonstrations organised to protest the rising cost of liv- ing and hunger in the country in Minna, Niger State and Kano, Kano State, have jolted the administration of President Bola Tinubu. A source in the Presidency, who pleaded anonymity, disclosed that the President and his kitchen cabinet are getting worried by the dimension the pro- tests were taking alleging that it has been politicized. The source disclosed that there are suspicions that the opposition, who are not pleased with Tinubu’s policies, because they have been negatively affected, may have declared war on his administration.

The source disclosed that some of Tinubu’s appointees from the north have begun to point accusing fingers at some of their colleagues in the opposition, alleging that they were planning to make the country ungovernable just like they did for ex-President Goodluck Jonathan that led to his exit from power in 2015. The plan, according to the source, was to make the President unpopular ahead of 2027’s Presidential election in order to pave the way for their choice candidate. This, he said, they planned to do by escalating the protests first in the north and cascading same to the southern parts of the country. The source, however, regretted that some powerful elements from their region (north) were fond of conspiring against any southern president.

He said: “The President does not deserve this budding rebellion being orchestrated by the op- position, especially from the north. The protests in Minna and Kano were politically motivated even though it was dressed in the garb of demonstration against hardship. The twin policies of subsidy removal and floating of the Naira has hurt the economy of some of these people and they are determined to fight back by undermining Tinubu’s government. “You will observe that this is beginning to take a pattern. Whenever there’s a southern President, no matter how well he is doing, some of these elements will gang up, find faults and begin to undermine the government.

“We concede that the cost of living has escalated and this is understandable but none of them organised any protest when one of theirs was in power even when it was obvious that the nation’s economy was nose diving. We all know that Tinubu inherited a seriously battered economy and rebuilding it will take some time. They are equally aware that the removal of fuel subsidy was inevitable if the country must survive. They are merely using the hardship and high cost of living as a smokescreen,” he concluded.

Another credible source said the President’s allies, within and outside the government have taken up the challenge to debunk the monstrous portrait of Tinubu’s administration painted by the opposition to the common man. He said: “The government has resolved to stem the pangs of hunger by intervening in the food crisis. Only yesterday, the President ordered release of grains from the national reserves. It also threatened to deal with commodities middlemen hoarding foods. You’ll see drastic crash in prices of food items soon.

The President has said that no stone will be left unturned to make life comfortable for the people.” “His appointees, especially ministers and other senior officials, have taken it upon themselves to counter the opposition’s narratives by telling the people that prosperity lies ahead of this temporary hardship they are experience. They are poised to spread the message of hope to counter the opposition,” he assured.

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