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Hair transplant: Why more men are going for it

Ha i r t r a n s – p l a n t is the new trend in town for men who have money to transform their bald head into a head full of hairs. In the past, as a man, if you were born bald or you lose hairs due to age, or health issue, there was no hope of restoring your hairs.

Except you intend to wear a woman’s wig, you are condemned to wearing the bald look all your life. But, presently, technology and innovation has a solution for bald men. Go bald or full hair, you can rock any look you want. You can rock both because there are even specific wigs created for bald men to switch their style.

In the entertainment circle, super star actor, IK Ogbonna, is the popularly known as the bald guy but recently, the handsome actor flaunted photos of himself with full hair. A new look that wowed his fans! More so, another dude, who rocks the bald naturally, popular comedian, Otaghware Otas Onodjayeke, known as IGosave, shared a new look with full hair on his social media. He tagged the post saying “$20,000 well spent. Hair transplant.

A new me.” He also hinted that some senators, governors, politicians have been sliding into his direct message to ask where he had his hair transplant done. Whether it is true or just a hilarious joke, or even a simple photoshop, it does not change the fact that there are alternative ways to grow hair artificially.

Bald or full hair, you can rock both and have the best stylish look of your dream. Let IGosave and Ik Ogbonna’s bald and full hair looks inspire you that both looks are great in their own way.

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