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Gunshots, at PDP congresses in Lagos, Oyo

There was tension at the state Congress of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State with gunshots at the venue of the congress.


The gunshots started following the disagreement over the delegates’ lists in some of the local governments, forcing the party to abandon the congress as delegates and observers scampered for safety. Before the gunshots, a member of the PDP Board of Trustees (BOT), Chief Bode George had advised the national electoral committee to postpone the congress over lack time, stating that it would be dangerous for the delegates and observers of the congress exceeds 6:00 pm.


“I would advise that they watch their time. Unfortunately, there is security breakdown already because there are a lot of people here who are not going to participate, some of them are observers and they should have been directed to sit on the pediatrician.


“But having said that, what we want is that it has to be a carnival and you can see everybody is just moving around and dancing.


“But when it gets dark, the most sensible thing would be to postpone it till the end of the National Convention. You cannot do it in the night here because this is Lagos especially around this area once it is nightfall no one can guarantee what will happen,” he said.


But the Secretary of the National Electoral Committee, Senator Abiodun Olujinmi has alleged that some chieftains of the party in the state did not want the congress to hold. She said the committee has done its bit to ensure that the congress takes place.


“We have been accrediting people and we have been able to do 18 local governments out of 20. Some of them are not yet here but we want to start so that at least we can get them to vote.

“But it is very apparent that some people don’t want this process to hold. It is clear that some pet want it truncated and it is also very clear that some people want to vote.

There is a clash of interest but we are trying as much as possible to see what we can do about it. “All through yesterday, we were about how to resolve it but then we couldn’t and that is why we came out to vote.


If not we would have just read out the list and get done with it,” she said. As of 4 pm police and other security agencies have taken over the venue of the congress to avoid further breakdown of law and order.

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