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Gumi Reveals How Jonthan Govt Plans To Kill Him

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic scholar on Wednesday alleged that an assassination team was assembled with the intent to kill him during the tenure of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Gumi made the assertion in a video sermon lasting more than 14 minutes sighted by the New Telegraph.

In the new viral video shared on his official Facebook page, the cleric claimed that he was notified of his plan to eliminate him by an operative from the Department of State Services (DSS), as a consequence of his outspoken criticism and opposition to the Jonathan administration.

According to him, the DSS operative, who disclosed the plot, was subsequently apprehended and held in custody for a duration of two months due to the information leak.

Gumi further mentioned that the officer visited his residence several months later to provide a detailed account of the events and his survival.

Gumi also alleged that all the killings that happened during Jonathan’s tenure in Jaji, Kaduna State, were executed by the military and not Boko Haram.


He said: “Let me tell you what happened during President (Goodluck) Jonathan’s time. We went to a meeting one day at the DSS headquarters and met one operative who knew my police detail.

“One day he called us and gave us the number of a Mercedes 4matic. He said he was in the toilet and heard the arrangement of how a hit squad had been assembled to kill Sheikh Gumi.

“All the killings that happened during Jonathan’s time in Jaji were executed by the military and not Boko Haram. Now have you not known the real Boko Haram? Can Boko Haram plant a bomb in Jaji if not them? General Shuwa was killed despite having soldiers in his house.

“They went and killed him. They were angry because he fought the civil war. You gave them power and they killed your leaders.

“After the DSS operative leaked the plot to kill me, I quickly informed the police commissioner and also posted on Facebook. He then heard them saying the operation should be called off since it was leaked.

“They now said the person who leaked it was inside their office. He was arrested and detained for two months and survived by chance. He came to my house after two months and explained all that transpired and how he survived by the grace of God.

“One day during Ramadan fasting, I was working to use a projector, I now put the children in a car to proceed to the mosque before me. After the car left the house, we heard a bomb explosion. I asked that pictures of the scene should be taken.

“There was an attack by bees there, but two people were killed and they were in chains and had pistols, meaning if the bomb did not kill us, they would use the pistol to finish us. The third person coming from Ungwan Shanu was also killed by the bomb explosion.

“We then continued with our study. Three people were killed. If you remember that time, I thank Governor Ramalan Yero for not stopping the Ramadan study.

“When I returned home, the correspondents of BBC Hausa and Voice of America met me, saying they went to the scene to get stories and capture the real Boko Haram, but troops had sealed off the scene and forced them to delete the pictures they captured.

“They told me ‘We are trying to know Boko Haram and we have found Boko Haram in action and you are saying we should delete their pictures’.

“The dead bodies of the attackers were hurriedly evacuated in a military vehicle and made to disappear. When Daily Trust reporters came to me, I told them the story and they went to One Division Nigerian Army, and One Division Nigerian Army said they had no information that soldiers took the dead bodies of the two people.

“Suddenly one Muslim working in the 44 Nigerian Army Hospital’s mortuary came and said the two dead bodies were indeed deposited in the mortuary, and they were Southerners from their looks.

“It is the military that is carrying out these attacks; they are the ones who struck in Jaji to stop Major General MD Isa from becoming the Chief of Army Staff. They are the ones who also killed General Shuwa and all of us are targets.”

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