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September 29, 2023

Governors Should Spend N5bn Palliatives Funds for Masses –Prophet Nkiru

Prophet Godwin Nkiru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry, Egbeda, Akowonjo, Lagos, has said that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has performed well since he got into office on May 29, 2023. Nkiru, who caused a stir over his comments on social media after Tinubu lost Lagos to the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, in the February presidential election, spoke more on the current administration in the country and other issues in an interview with OLADIPUPO AWOJOBI. Excerpts:

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has spent about 100 days in office, how would you describe his government so far?

So far so good, Tinubu has tried in 100 days. He was able to appoint ministers, he is a man that does not sleep; he works round the clock. He selected the best people as ministers and it is God working in mysterious ways. He has done well in different ways, it’s like he has spent a year already.

But, people talk about the removal of fuel subsidy, and the devaluation of naira that has gone to almost N1,000 to a dollar, don’t you think these are negative pointers?

The exchange rate is not the problem of the President, it is from the World Bank. You should know that naira is not in the market, it is dollar that is in the world market. Most times, people blame the President for everything. Are you saying that the President is the one that would give people food or fetch water for them, no.

He is not, he must do things in his own way to make sure that the country moves forward. As we speak now, Mr. Presi- dent is doing everything to ensure that the country improves, and the country is moving forward. I know there are some challenges on ground such as the removal of fuel subsidy, but do you know that the price of fuel in Nigeria was the cheapest before now.

Go to Benin Republic or Britain and you would find out that the price of fuel was very cheap in Nigeria. But the issue is that the people that were importing fuel that were collecting the subsidy, what were they using it for?The President felt that there are many problems that we need to help the country through the money being saved from fuel subsidies. You will see that a lot of things will happen soon and President Tinubu will not fail Nigeria.

But people would have expected the government to wait for the Dangote Refinery to become operational and repair one or two of the refineries in the country, then the price of fuel would be low and subsidy issue would not be there…

What Mr President did is the best because if he delayed he would not be able to do it. It’s a challenge to ev- erybody. Dangote Refinery is a private entity and they have their own challenges. We need our own refineries in Nigeria and the President would do everything concerning that.

Talking about the newly appointed ministers, people feel that the government recycled old people and some of the people being investigated by the EFCC were appointed…

It’s not like that; look at people like former governors Nyesom Wike and Dave Umahi, Mr Festus Keyamo and others, these are strategists. Look at what Wike did in River State and what Umahi did in Ebonyi State and so many others with fantastic records. President Bola Tinubu said that he would work with capable hands, it is not by just putting youths there, but people who can deliver. The people that he appointed as ministers are capable.

What are the things you want the President to address urgently now?

The script of how to run this country is in his hands already. What you see him do in 100 days, he has the ability to continue for eight years. He is not new on this job, he is a man of knowledge. What you saw him do in nearly 100 days, he would do more in 200 days because he is going from one step to another. He is a man of wisdom, each time he does something I go to God and He tells me that Tinubu is on the right track.

Talking about insecurity, we see people being killed, people are being kidnapped every day, and some soldiers were killed in Niger State recently, how do you think the government can fight insecurity?

It is a problem being faced by everyone. The whole world is facing it, it’s not just a Nigerian problem. But, a country like China has improved on fighting insecurity. I want the President to improve on this by training more capable hands in the military, the police, air force and even the Navy. We need instruments for them to move.

In China, they have a very strong equipment that can capture criminals easily. We need to invest in insecurity. There is something we need to do. Do we have the data of all the people in the country? In Dubai, for instance, if anyone commits crime, they would get the person through fingerprint.

Also, corruption has become serious in Nigeria, do you think it is something that could be handled by this government?

Corruption is not only in Nigeria, it is everywhere, but we overrate things in this country. We should pray for our leaders so that the country can moved forward.

What would be your advice to the government on the N5bn p a l l i a t i v e s funds given to each state government?

President Tinubu has what it takes to handle this, he knows how it can work. But I want to tell the governors that the N5bin Palliative money is for the masses and so the governors must know how to spend it properly for the people.

What is your message to Nigerians generally because some feel it is time for the South Easterners to rule?

That is pure tribalism, people saying it has to come us are biased, anybody can be the President of the country once he is ready to do the right thing. We only want whoever becomes the President to serve the people with love and understanding.

You are a pastor and a politician, do we see you contesting any elective office soon?

God is pregnant with many things, if He reveals to me that I should contest, I would go for it.

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