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Godwin Maduka debunks $1m bribery allegation

The founder of Las Vegas
Pain Institute and
Medical Centre and Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP)
governorship aspirant in
Anambra State, Dr. Godwin
Maduka has debunked the
allegation the he gave a
bribe of $1million to former
governor Peter Obi to assist
him in securing the governorship
ticket of the PDP,
describing it as wicked and
miscalculated lie.
In a statement made available
to the press and signed
by Dr. Maduka himself, he
said that he was disappointed
at the allegation because
he thought Nigerians; especially
Anambrarians had
passed that level of childish
He said he was most
pained that they even
brought in the name of the
revered octogenarian, Prof.
Ben Nwabueze into their
concocted lies in order to
give it some air of legitimacy.
Dr. Maduka, who said
it was the COVID-19 lockdown
that was holding him
from coming back home
and facing his campaign,
said that he had been in Nigeria
severally before the
outbreak of the pandemic
and had met and discussed
his programmes with a lot
of well-meaning Anambrarians
who were willing
to accept him on the basis
of his competence, record
of achievements, vision and
achievable promises to Ndi
On Peter Obi, who he was
alleged to have bribed, Dr
Maduka said that those
saying that about Obi did
not know the man and that
they should have cooked up
other lies than the issue of
receiving money from anybody,
which Nigerians, in
his words, “ know is alien
to Obi’s character.”
“I have known Obi over
the years and I can tell you
that he is one among few
Nigerians that I can shout
from the rooftops that went
into politics for the common
good. I can equally tell you
that he is admiringly beyond
reproach and some of
us that have his character
traits were even encouraged
by his success to venture
into politics,” Maduka said.

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