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Giving is part of my life philosophy –  Swag Omoluabi


To Ipadeola Abiodun Oriyomi, the CEO of Swag Omoluabi blog, giving is an inborn gift to him and he cannot do without lending a hand of help to fellow human beings who need helps around him.

Swag Omoluabi, one of Nigeria’s foremost social media influencers said during a recent interview that the hallmark and underlying principle of his philanthropist spirit is: “I love giving. No matter how small it is, I give out because all fingers are not equal and we all need to sustain one another. As the Holy Book says we should love one another.”

Speaking about the scope and nature of his philanthropy, Swag Omoluabi said: “I just love giving right from time. I feed the people in the streets as well as homeless people. They are part of us. Their story may not just be the same with us, what we can do is to support them in every little way we can.”

He loves to impact the lives of others in positive ways and with that, he has put smiles on so many people’s face.

He believes that helping others is morally right and it’s a moral responsibility. He understands the morals of helping others. And with this believe, Swag Omoluabi has touched so many lives. He has helped students, widows and widowers, sick people, less privileged and even single mothers.

He has impacted so many youths in the ways he could by teaching them how to make money through social media and to become an influencer themselves. He recently helped 10 widows with N20,000 each. He has supported many students with their school fees. His philanthropist act is not just online, he is always going to the streets to feed so many people who are in need of foods.

He applauded the philanthropic spirit in many Nigerians which he described as one of the reasons he is proudly a Nigerian.

“We are really trying; people are supporting each other. That’s the Nigeria we want regardless of the current economy situation, I can see that we are still supporting each other.

“The country is going through tough times, and I believe it will be fine one day. I will advise some of our youths going abroad for greener pastures not to leave the country because if everyone leaves, who will be around to amend things.”

Swag Omoluabi called out on Nigerian youth to make sure that the chart the path of life for themselves early so that they won’t regret it later.

According to Swag Omoluabi, Brand Ambassador for a crypto currency company based in Cyprus, Millycryto Exchange, he made some mistakes in the past which he would not want the upcoming youths to make.

Speaking about the mistakes he made as a young man fresh out of the university seeking his place in the world, which he would not want those about to graduate to make, he said: “I failed to start saving on time. Saving is very important immediately you get admission to the institution. You need save a lot for the raining days.

“Now that I had learnt how to save, it gives me the opportunity to get funds to actualize my philanthropic side. Like I said earlier, I had to save, that was when I was working with one of the construction companies in Lagos known as BCL.”

Swag Omoluabi, who is the CEO of two companies, Omoluabi Logistics and Omoluabi Furnitures, recalled how tough Year 2020 was during the period of novel coronavirus which ravaged the world.

“2020 is a little bit tough due to COVID-19. There was no gain, no losses for me, but just a dull moment that affected a lot of companies that I was doing branding jobs with,” he added.

He said his background prepared him for the path of career he chose today, adding that he grew up to see life as a place one need to fight harder and never give up.

“My background only makes me strong to be a fighter in any business I do and learn not to give up no matter the condition,” said the 26-year-old graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic.

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