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Germany’s Deadly Floods Spread Along Danube

Flood waters are continuing to rise in parts of southern Germany, and are now spreading down the Danube to Austria and Hungary.

Five people are now known to have died since heavy rain led to rivers bursting their banks in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. One of the victims was a woman who died when her car left the road and became submerged west of Munich.

A Bavarian firefighter is missing. Although the German DWD weather service has declared an end to the torrential rain that has hit southern Germany for days, water levels in the historic city of Passau, where three rivers meet, have now risen close to 10m (32ft), the highest for more than a decade, reports the BBC.

River levels on the Danube have also been rising in Austria and Hungary. The Danube burst its banks in Austria’s third largest city Linz leaving areas close to the river banks submerged.

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