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Gele headgear, the party lovers delight

Like the airtel’s telecommunication advert says, ‘gele mi
gaju ti e lo’ which means ‘my gele is higher than yours’
the Gele headgear has transformed over the years.


It is bigger, better and more stylish than before. The creativity
that gele has seen with mordern fashion is fascinating.


It’s a party delight that cannot be ignored. There is something
about gele headgear with full face make up and gorgeous
jewelries. They are like a match made in heaven.


Traditional asoebi attire without gele headgear is like
cooking without salt.


Sewing different styles with ankara or lace fabric,
matched with gele head gear is part of Nigeria’s identity.


If you are getting ready to party like before in 2021,
be inspired by these gorgeous gele designs and stunning



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