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Gee Bryant on learning, hustle and finding meaning

As businesses have shifted online, the pace has become nothing short of breakneck. Companies are up and running 24/7, and even those who don’t have online stores still need to establish an online presence. Digital marketer, business mogul and fitness guru, Gee Bryant is an authority in providing fitness transformations with online advancements, and according to him, there are three things that the fitness industry need to focus on: learning, hustle, and finding meaning.

A lot of people have a misconception that you need to go aggressive and tough on yourself when it comes to building a business. While this might work for some people, there is a fine line between going harsh on yourself and adding value to your work. According to Bryant, failures are evident in any journey, however, rising above those failures with learning is what matters the most. He emphasizes the importance of mistakes, dirty work, endless hustle and slow growth in a business because, in the end, the experience can be a wonderful gift that one can celebrate during its success.

Minimalism leads directly to hustle, which can be a major path to success. Bryant says, keep hustling your way without wondering too much about results. The only way to shine in the crowd is to polish yourself a little extra. It could be anything that keeps you busy and where you keep learning and growing. Be it a book, music, meditation, workout or even a productive nap, keeping yourself productive. When Gee states the importance of hustling, he refers to running a company efficiently and strategically as management skills are the core component of success.

Lastly but perhaps most importantly, people need to find meaning in their work. When a business is launched, the major goal is to provide a product and/or service to customers. However, pushing your limits to build something beneficial for your customers can bring more attention and satisfaction to your work. Bryant involves himself in donations and providing free sessions while intending to build a business that doesn’t only suffice the wants of people but also the needs.

The bottom line is, the founder needs to start a company where they find some sort of connection. If you cannot find meaning in your brand, how are customers supposed to do so?

Those who find meaning in their work put more energy and effort into the organization. This applies to owners, supervisors, and employees alike. People can tell when employees enjoy their jobs and believe in the work they are performing. Not just this results in a positive brand image but also encourages customers to believe in your brand as well to build mutual long-term business relationships.

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