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Fresh £37.3m UK funding to improve mobile phone tech in Nigeria

The United Kingdom’s Minister for Development and Africa, Andrew Mitchell, has said that the UK Government will provide £37.3 million in funding for innovative mobile phone technology. Speaking at the Mobile World Congress, Mitchell said the funding will help change lives in Nigeria and other developing countries around the world.

He said the programme would help more people access mobile and digital technologies to find new opportunities and boost their livelihoods. The programme, which the UK funds in partnership with UK-based mobile industry association GSMA and the private sector, has already benefitted more than 94 million people and focuses on women and girls, climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience and scaling up innovative solutions. Mitchell said: “Mobile technology has the potential to revolutionise the lives of the poor by helping tackle the effects of climate change, creating jobs and boosting opportunities for women. “The Mobile for Development programme has already benefitted more than 100 million people, and the UK’s new announcement aims to up the ambition, reaching 110 million additional people, including 60 million women. “Together the worlds of development and mobile tech giants can be a powerful force to unlock opportunities and prosperity, and meet the UN Global Goals.” UK funding has previously helped scale up a digital hub in Pakistan, BaKhabar Kissan (BKK), which provides accurate weather forecasting data to farmers to help them make critical farming decisions such as the timing of seed sowing, irrigation, and fertilisation. With the help of this programme, BKK has almost doubled its users from 6.6 million to 12.4 million. Another innovative business, Ensibuuko, is providing digital skills training to help community-saving groups in rural Uganda keep up with the latest digital products and services where previously they relied on paper recordkeeping. Since gaining funding, Ensibuuko has benefited over 236,000 members of rural savings groups, 60 per cent of whom are women, providing them with digital skills training.

The President of the GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation, John Giusti, said: “For more than a decade, the FCDO and the GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation have worked closely in partnership to drive socio-economic and climate impact for the most underserved populations through digital innovation, and to date our partnership has improved the lives of more than 127 million people. “Today’s renewal of our partnership will further amplify our joint impact by leveraging the power of digital and emerging technologies to support innovation, improve access to opportunities for women, and tackle the effects of climate change for the most vulnerable.” With the increase in climate crises around the world, the need for new solutions to help vulnerable countries adapt is growing and mobile technology can make a big difference to people’s lives. At Mobile World Congress, GSMA also announced the grantees for its Climate Resilience and Adaptation Fund which is funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. This fund is designed to test and scale up new technology to combat the effects of climate change in countries throughout Africa and Asia. Some of the projects being funded include one using AI-powered satellite imagery to help smallholder farmers increase their yields and another to reduce food waste via an online grocery platform.

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